Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yum, Yum Yumm-o or shall I say Rocco!

Does anyone remember the reality show The Restaurant featuring Rocco DiSpirito? I do. I especially remember Rocco and how yumm-o he is. While looking through the magazine section of my PX, military lingo for Post Exchange, I saw a magazine called Simply Perfect Italian and in it was an article about Rocco. Of course I had to have it and upon reading it I discovered the recipe for Rocco's Mama's Marinara and Meatballs. If you ever saw Rocco's mama's meatballs she made on the show, you'd know why I had to have this recipe. Apparently these meatballs are a restaurant favorite, so thanks to Rocco and Mama we are going to have this for supper tonight. I will let you know how it turns out. I can say that from just mixing the ingredients for the meatballs I can already tell they will be a hit. Bon Appetit!


Melissa from ghettoville said...

Well come on now Christina...quit holding out & post the darn recipe...:) U can't tease ppl like this u know?!?

Barb said...

I loved that show! You know, I can still see his mama making those meatballs. It's like that was her one job but she always made the meatballs.

You really should post this recipe since we don't have access to that magazine. I'd give it a try!

Linda said...

We did watch a few of the episodes and saw the one with the meatball recipe. It looked delicious (but I don't dare change my little Italian mother's recipe - which is delicious too). Let me know how they taste.

Sandra said...

Chris I LOVE Rocco and I watched the show all the time, mostly for him but we won't tell anybody LOL

I can NOT believe you got the recipe for Mamma's meatballs, I remember that episode so well and I can still see her making the meatballs...come on now, you have to share the recipe or tell me where to get it LOL

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I've never seen the show but mmmmmm meatballs! How did they turn out?

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