Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another brilliant comment

Last night I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner with the ground beef I took out of the freezer. I finally came across a recipe on the Internet for Spanish rice with ground beef. I didn't exactly have all the ingredients so I had to improvise a little bit. Hubby got home and as he was eating he asked if this was a recipe I came up with on my own. I knew what was coming and said "kind of." I asked him if he liked it and he said "I like it better when you follow a recipe." for the disclaimer he added "I can't blame you, you didn't have much to work with." translation, shopping day is tomorrow and we're out of food. Somehow I don't think this is a compliment. Basically he's saying if I came up with it on my own, it sucks. Or maybe he's saying I had so little to work with, meaning my brain. No that's not it. He's too nice (or maybe to scared) to even think this one. What he really wants me to do is to follow the recipes he likes, never changing a thing. I guess it's back to my bloggy friends for more ideas, don't worry I won't change a thing when copying your recipes, or else the food chain as we know it may come to an end. Just ask hubby.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy almost Halloween

I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween today since I will probably be too busy to do it tomorrow. Trick or treat starts pretty early here so after school and homework we will be off. What is everyone out there doing for Halloween? Have fun and happy candy eating!


Since my daughter Vanessa has turned 16 last May she has been asking about getting her drivers permit. I really haven't thought much about it, but now that my husband is due to leave next month, it may be about time. He should have 14 days off so he is going to take her to get her permit tomorrow. I probably should have gotten it awhile back, but didn't. So instead of guess who teaching her to drive I am hoping my husband can show her the basics this next month. No way am I going to let her drive me around. Call me paranoid, but I don't let many people drive me anywhere, so why would I let someone without a license drive me around. I think I will leave this to my brave husband. I'll let you all know how it goes after their first drive.

Friday, October 27, 2006

teenagers and the idiot box

I have stumbled upon a way to use tv to keep my teens in the loop with me. In fact my friends ask how I get the teens to not only talk to me but to watch something with me. My answer is the way I use tv. I will admit, I love tv, but during the day, except for The View, the tv isn't on. The kids have tv's, but I control the parental controls, so they don't watch much during the week. What I do is pick shows, sometimes educational, sometimes fun, and sometimes just a movie, and the teens are welcome to come down and watch with me and hubby at night. I have found if given the choice between no tv, and appropriate tv with mom and dad, they will choose tv with us. Sometimes we will just watch Animal Planet, or even tivo Oprah if it is on a subject I want my kids to see, like teenage sex or drug abuse. We always pause a lot and discuss the shows we are watching. I will tell you I have found so many things out about them just from doing this than any other activity. For instance we watched an Oprah show on mom's around the world, that even my son had opinions on. The kids could not believe how awful some mom's have it around the world. Somehow during this show my daughter ended up bringing down the Guinness Book of World Records to look the oldest mom up and me, my hubby, my son and daughter were up until midnight reading all kinds of facts. I am not saying tv is the greatest thing for everyone, but for those of us who aren't willing to give it up, there can be ways to use it to your advantage. Don't tell them I said this or they will never look at tv with mom and dad in the same way again.

Another great event we viewed together was Steve Irwins wife's interview with Barbara Walters. This really affected the kids and I am glad we viewed it as a family instead of them closing themselves off from us to view it. I have even used Survivor as a learning device. We will watch it and during it I will comment to the kids on how they think the contestants could do things in a different way then lying and deceiving. Believe it or not they come up with some good points.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Is anyone else out there watching this new show? I am so hooked on this. Last night I was pondering why. I turned to my son and said "why do I watch this?" I asked because the show is about the once peaceful town of Jericho where a baffling explosion occurs off in the distance. The town is in chaos, cut off from society, and living in fear of the unknown. Doesn't sound too hot, but the reason I watch it, and the reason I really believe this show is quality, is because the shows underlining theme is not devastation or disaster, but Hope. It shows what could happen in any town in America, if America was actually attacked and they were cut off from communication with anyone, and electricity, etc. The results of this explosion and there seclusion from the outside world is that the people of Jericho band together and believe that they are still here. They are survivors, and they will take every day as it comes. Whenever someone gets down and wonders what will become of Jericho there is always someone to reassure them that they will cross any bridge when they get to it, together. If you are all wondering why they don't just drive out of town, it is because they saw a huge cloud when the explosion occurred from the direction of Denver and they don't know if there is radioactivity outside of Jericho because they tried to head that way and found many dead. Dead from what may have been radiation. I just wanted to let everyone know about this because in the world we live in anything is a possibility and I do believe that people turning toward each other, instead of away from each other, might be the key to survival. And this is what Jericho is really about. HOPE and SURVIVAL

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Homemade gift idea exchange

Hop on over to Kisses of Sunshine and check out the awesome post she has done for Christmas. All the gifts that she posted are awesome and check out the links to the other peoples blog's and see what they have come up with. I love the idea of giving gifts from the heart or using our God given talents to create something for the people in our lives. Here is my idea. It's not super original and someone may have the same one, but I love it. One year at my sons Karate Christmas party his friends mom handed me a homemade gift bag filled with their own peanut brittle. Now I have never tried peanut brittle but I think I could find a recipe for it. I thought this was a very touching gesture. She told me every year she creates gift bags and her husband makes the peanut brittle and they hand it out to friends and family. Everyone loves this so much that friends ask every year when Christmas rolls around if they are making their peanut brittle this year. Anyone else with a great idea can go over and post their link at kisses of Sunshine.

"The Haircut"

This is my husband giving the boys their monthly haircuts. Basically he only knows one style, you know the one they give you in basic training when you join the military. He also likes to fool around and cut the kids hair in silly styles before the actual finished product. It's no wonder that my 13 year old son now makes me take him to the barber shop for his cut. He says he knows his dad does a good job, but he has had the same hair style since he was 4 and he really wanted something different. The other night before his JROTC thing I forgot to take him for his cut so he was stuck with dad's. Thank God Brandon is easy going and didn't really mind. It was kind of funny when I got there because I realized none of the other kids had the military cut. The new cut is a little longer with bangs. Now I see why we've moved on to the barber.

Just a little note to let you all know my husband will be deploying for a year in Iraq toward the end of November. I know we will miss him and the kids are not too happy, but they know he has to go. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Math tip

I bought this abacus for $2.99 at the thrift store last week. Damian was having a little trouble with money. He couldn't grasp the concept that if you paid $1.00 for an item, but the item cost $.70, you would get back $.30. After trying this out on the abacus a few times he was able to understand. I would recommend this for any child who may need to visualize math concepts.


Here is Brandon at the JROTC ceremony. Sorry it is so blurry but dummy me had my camera on the wrong setting. Brandon got promoted to Seaman First Class and was awarded a few more awards.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sandra's food blog

I have to say for those of you who like to cook, you must check out Sandra's food blog full bellies, happy kids. I have made several of her recipes and they are definitely to die for. The first thing I ever made was her rice pudding. If you like rice pudding this is one awesome recipe. Last week I made her fried chicken. My hubby said it was the best fried chicken I ever made and I have to agree. Last night, pizza night, I made her pizza dough. Oh my goodness was this easy and delicious. I also used her idea for the sauce. Once again my hubby would like to thank Sandra. He had at least 5 slices over the evening. The kids liked it and so did I. I will be making it on pizza night every week. Go over and check out the recipes and her beautiful pictures of every one's favorite thing...food...Need I say more. Thanks again Sandra.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My favorite thing

Yesterday I put up my favorite indulgence. The Jacuzzi. I bought this over a year ago on the Home Shopping Network and I love it. The temp is up to 94 and I can go in once it reaches 104. This thing is very relaxing. After the kids are in bed me and the hubby can go in here for 20 minutes and just enjoy it. Of course when the kids are up they think it's a swimming pool. Last year when my parents were here my dad decided to give it a try. My dad had hurt his knee and was not really able to put weight on it, but we didn't consider this before we got into the jacuzzi. Once me, my mom, and my dad were in we enjoyed it for about half an hour and then it was time to get out. Getting out was easy except for dad. He couldn't get out because he could barely lift his leg over the side. Me and my mom decided to kind of pull him out where he ended up on his knees kind of hanging half way in and half way out. Me and mom went hysterical, big help we are. As we are still trying to figure all this out my 16 year old and her friend come around the back yard on their way home from school and upon hearing the laughter, me and mom again, they peak in. Immediately they hide their eyes. Seeing mom, grandma, and grandpa in your jacuzzi is not a pretty site to a 16 year old. It's even worse having your friend witness our Laurel and Hardy act while trying to get dad out. All ended well. Dad finally got out never to return. So much for relaxation.

Am I the only one on this planet

who picks up a book, the whole world seems to love, and basically can't stand it. For my sister's book club the ladies chose a book called The Thirteenth Tale. Everyone seemed so excited to read it. The reviews at Amazon are mostly 4 or 5 stars. My hubby ran out and got the book for me, like I need another book, and I started it as few days later. I got to page 38 and really it didn't get my attention. Now I am on page 67 and I'm still not loving it. What would you ladies do? Keep reading in hopes the book gets better, or quit and pick up something y0u know you'll actually enjoy? I don't know why I don't like this book, it could be her style of writing, or the fact that the book seems so predictable, or whatever. All I know is so far not so good.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Prayer request

I know all of you out there have seen the power of prayer working it's miracles in blogland. I wanted to add my cousin to the list. She is 42, I know Gale you are a month younger than me, and was just diagnosed with breast cancer and has had surgery and is going to need more including chemo and radiation most likely. I would really appreciate you all praying for her to make a full recovery. No matter what path God chooses I know he will give her the tools she needs to get well. As we have been witnessing lately our praying really seems to be working. If anyone doubts God is alive and well they have never really looked. His power is awesome and He is really alive and working in this world. Please send prayers to my cousin Gale.

I leave you all with this message. Here is the power if you want it.

Lefty or Righty????

How many people think you are born one or the other? I used to think so, but now I am not sure. Since I broke my wrist, I have developed my left hand into something totally usable. I never could write lefty, or hammer a hammer lefty, or anything else lefty. Over the past 2 months I have noticed my writing is almost exactly like my right hand and I am now favoring my left even though I am getting use back of the right. Even on the computer I now have the mouse on the left side and don't feel comfortable putting it back on the right. How normal is this? I was just pondering this today. Most of you are probably thinking "that girl needs a life." My kids just chalk it up to "more stupid things that amuse mom." What do you all think? Is it learned or inborn, or is it inborn yet can be changed?

The Bachelor

Today I was watching "The View," and on it Elisabeth and Rosie were talking about The Bachelor." Joy said why do women do this show, none of them ever get married. Well there producer, who was in the audience and is a very straight laced guy said Trista and Ryan got married. He then realized he outed himself. He said why do I know this information. I thought that was so funny. Elisabeth made the comment that she gets her hubby to watch this with her too. I subject mine to this show also. Apparently many other women do too. Rosie said she is like the forerunner for the women's movement and yet she watches a show like The Bachelor where woman are portrayed as being desperate and having to fight to win one man. Of course I watch this, it's one of my favorite. How many out there will admit to this?

Monday, October 16, 2006


I just wanted to let you all know that everything is fine in Hawaii. Thanks to God's good grace, the earthquake didn't cause any lost lives. We are not on the big island so the only think that happened to us was the loss of power from 7:20am until 4:30 pm. I heard we were lucky though because some of the island had none until 8:00 pm. I will be checking in with all of you later after I play catch up. Boy is hard to miss a day because of electricity. My daughter said "mom, I can't be Amish." I told her she was just used to having all the modern conveniences. Of course I haven't gotten on the computer until today because the kids basically hogged it as soon as the electric came on. Thanks for those of you who asked and I will check with you all later.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Talk about a senior moment, or adhd moment ,or whatever

Just now I posted at someones Else's blog a comment. After posting my own, and then reading the other comments, I started reading the last comment and didn't realize it was my own comment until halfway done reading it. Maybe I need more sleep. I thought everyone might get a kick out of this one.

How cool is blogging?

I was thinking today about all the things I used to hear about meeting people on the Internet. Things like, you can't get to really know anyone online, or you can't make friends online, or you can't really care about people you've never met. I have found this to be so not true. One of the things I like so much about blogging is finding new friends. I never expected to meet so many great people, or to really care about so many of you and your families, but I do. It's kind of like getting a present that you open and then later find out that their was a little extra surprise you didn't even see when you first opened it. I find myself praying and caring for other people and their families often. I will say to myself, yes I am one of those who talks to myself, things like, I have to remember to pray for Cameron and his first day of day care without grandma, I wonder how Sandra's MIL is doing, is Jen having a great time in Tennessee, I must keep praying that Emily's hives don't return, etc. You all know who I am talking about and also all of you others out there who I did not yet mention, I will eventually. I just didn't want to wear your eyes all out with one post, there are so many blogs to visit in one day. Anyway does anyone else have these feelings about blogging? I'd love to hear your opinions.


To everyone who asked, yes my previous post was supposed to be funny, so no one offended me. With 7 kids I think I have developed a pretty good sence of humor.

Pamela made a good point asking how Darrian got away from his teacher long enough to hide. I was actually in the classroom at this point and the kids were eating breakfast. Darrian was in the bathroom, it's a pretty big room, but not that big. Well he never came out. He was only lost for about 3 minutes. For some reason we just didn't think he was in the closet in that room because it locks with a hook type lock and the lock is about 5 ft. high. We figured out he climbed onto the sink and unlocked it. I'll tell you the kid is good. He can scale our 6 ft. wooden fence in the back yard in 10 seconds. I might have forgot to tell you all he climbs well too. We refer to him as spiderbaby. He used to open out child proof locks in the other house and climb out the window. Most nights we put him in our bed because we are aftraid he will try to escape. It's hysterical to watch as my friends will say he can't climb that, and what does he do? Climb it. We were once at the Hale Koa pool here in Hawaii while my parents were here and they have the kiddie pool with a lock that you have to pull up and push at the same time. At this point he was only two. The lifeguard was pretty amazed when he walked up to it, fooled around with the lock for all of 60 seconds, and let himself out. He is a little nut. You actually have to see him in action to believe him. I never get him a baby sitter, I don't want to inflict him on anyone. As lovable as he is, he has a nind of his own.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You know your not crazy when

You call the elementary school psychologist, where your 8 and 7 year olds attend school, for a speech and occupational evaluation on your 3 year old and the psychologist, whom you've known for 4 years now, starts laughing hysterically when you tell her your 3 year old might be just like his 7 year old brother Damian. The kid she told me last month I named just right. Don't get me wrong, I love my school psychologist, and she loves my kids, but everyone knows Damian is a handful. Not badly behaved, just extremely hyper and vocal, about, well, everything. My little one so far has escaped his Head Start teacher 3 times and nearly scared the woman to death hiding in the classroom closet well silently waiting for Miss. Carol to find him. Now Darrian says "Miss. Carol cries?" I told him it isn't nice to make Miss. Carol cry, but he thinks it's all just a game. She has been teaching for over 10 years and she told me honestly she's never seen anything like this. I told her to ask Miss. Desi, Damian's teacher from 2 year's ago and she'll tell you she has seen something like this, and his name is Damian. Luckily Damian takes medication and until it wears off at lunch time he is able to learn quite a bit. His teacher last year said she always knew when it wore off, because as soon as it did Damian would start mimicking her and wouldn't stop until he went to the nurse for his afternoon dose. This is the kid who last year went on a field trip where his teacher forgot his afternoon dose. She called me to let me know that all the way home on the bus she sat by him where he repeatedly sang "Who Let The Dogs Out..." while hanging out the window. Thankfully everyone around knows Damian and the school has come up with a saying just for him. Whenever we mention Damian, everyone replies "Well you know, that's just Damian."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Slow cooker Thurday

Thanks to Sandra we now have slow cooker Thursday. I made this dip recently to send with my 14 year old son to his teen centers pot luck. It was a big hit. All I got back was a dirty crockette. The crockette is the little crock pot.

Cheese & Chili Dip
1 pkg. 12 ounce hot or spicy sausage
18 oz. process cheese spread, cubed
1 can 15 oz. chili without beans
Cook sausage and drain. Place cheese in sprayed slow cooker. Add sausage and chili. Cover and cook on low 1 1/1 to 2 hrs. until cheese is melted. Stir once cheese is melted. Do not continue to cook. Serve hot. Add sliced black olives if you like. Can use ground beef instead of sausage.

Thank you all

Thanks to everyone who sent prayer's Kai'lie's way. She had a bunch of tests today at the cardiologists and her heart is fine. It is a murmur and not a serious one. They are thinking her panting may be from an allergy. Her dad has allergies and she may have them too. I really appreciate all of you thinking of Kai'lie and so does Kira and her family. Thanks again.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Prayer needed and praise offered

Please pray for my grandaughter Kai'lie who has to go to the cardiologist tomorrow. She seems to have a heart murmur which in itself is of little concern to her doctor, but the fact that she pants and also that in her dad's family there are heart problems, they are concerned enough to let the cardiologist check her heart. I know all of you guys know how the power of prayer works, as we have most recently witnessed with Sandra's mother in law. Please also pray that Sandra's MIL stays on the road to recovery.

I also wanted to mention I would like to offer a praise offering to the Lord for Dawn and Donnell's daughter, who swallowed some magnets today, but do to her mom's quick thinking, she had surgery and is now doing fine.

Thank you to all of my friend's in blogland for supporting everyone with prayer. It really seems to be making a difference for a lot of people. God is Good, All the time.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My daughter Kira's blog

I finally convinced my daughter to get her blog going so I could see pictures of her family. It is a cute little blog. If anyone would like to say hello it is www.chipsandsalsa2007.blogspot.com. My grandson has a new spongebob Halloween costume Kira made him and it is so cute. She posted the pictures of her creation.

How pathetic is this?

I found out after the season started that the CW Network was not being shown here in Hawaii because the cable company and the network couldn't find a local channel to carry it. My favorite show on all of tv is 7th Heaven, so what am I supposed to do about this? I have to give a big Thank you to my mom and dad who are not only going to tape 7th Heaven, but also Supernatural. Supernatural is a show my boys just love. Today I found out that The Dish Network was airing it out of Los Angeles. I went down to my local Dish dealer and they verified that they are indeed carrying the CW Network and people here are able to view the LA station. I signed up and am having it installed on Saturday. I came home and called my cable company and told them yes I am switching to The Dish because they are not carrying the CW Network. That may of seemed like a dumb reason to them, but there are not too many shows out there I want to miss, and some of them are carried by the CW. I will also be able to view The Gilmore Girls once again. I can't wait and I'll let you all know if I get my CW on Saturday. The Dish has also thrown in 3 free months of HBO, so how could I pass this up?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad (Grandpa)

Wishing you a happy birthday here from us in Hawaii. Here is a little piece of strawberry shortcake we thought you might like. Sorry you can't be here to enjoy it with us. Maybe someday. I still think you should visit us for Christmas sometime. It would be nice to have you here for the kids instead of having to leave before all the fun begins. You guys really would enjoy a Hawaii Christmas.

reading, reading, and more reading

I am reading the book "The Preacher's Daughter," by Beverly Lewis and am enjoying it immensely. Ms. Lewis is a Christian writer who writes many books about the Amish. Her books are contemporary I believe. I started this about a week ago and am almost finished. I will go back to the library for more of her books when I'm done. Does anyone else enjoy her books? Any recommendations on other Christian writers you can give me. I love Janette Oke also, but have read quite a few of hers.

My wrist is healing well, but my hubby and kids are doing a lot of things for me so it frees up more time for reading. I am glad to have a little extra time for my favorite pastime, but eventually it will be back to business. I hope you all enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ta Da

I had my cast taken off today and here I am in the removable splint. Thank God.

On a more serious note I wanted to say how much I respect the Amish community who lost their young girls. I heard that not only have they forgiven the shooter, but have reached out to his family. I think that the Amish truly show the grace of God in everything they do. Their forgiveness is amazing. There is so much we can all learn from them.

Crockpot Thursday

Here is my contribution to Sandra's crock pot Thursday post. Check her out here.
To Die for Pot Roast
1 pkg. dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
1 pkg. dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix
1 pkg. Dry brown gravy mix
Put pot roast in the crock pot. Toss dry mixes on top. Cover. Cool low for 8 hours. Slice and serve with gravy on rice or potatoes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin

I bought these pumpkin people a few years ago at K Mart. I think they are sweet. If you notice Mrs. Pumpkin has a purse. Mr. Pumpkin came with a purse, but my husband doesn't want me to make the poor boy carry it. I really don't think Mr. Pumpkin cares. Apparently hubby does. I wonder what Dr. Phil would say about this.

My new friend

Yesterday the boys decided to make me a robot out of household items. So here he is.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Compliment the 3 year old way

I was a little reluctant to write this, but it was funny, so I did. Last evening I was chasing my 3 year old on his scooter and working up quite a sweat. After all it is still in the 80's here on Oahu. When I got inside I sat down to take off my sweaty shoes and socks so that I could take a shower. My 3 year old turns, looks up at me, and scrunches up his nose. Then he says "Ew feet smell, stinky poop feet." Gee thanks, like I needed his opinion.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Donnell and Dawns Tribe

My daughters friend Dawn just started blogging, so hop on over and give her a welcome. I think she would like it.


I was raised Catholic, but attended my first born again church at 19. I thank God every day that I had this opportunity. I didn't realize that being a good person and not committing mortal sins was not what Jesus was all about. Having a living personal relationship has been the best thing ever. So pop on over to a humble heart and read the testimonies to what it is like to really know the Lord, you won't be disappointed.

Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course