Sunday, July 30, 2006


See post below? Their is only one problem with all this choice, and only one reason why I am still drinking Gevalia Traditional Roast. It's because every time I look in my cupboard I can't decide which one to try next. My husband asked the other night if I was going to try the Cafe Sperl. I looked at him like he had lost his mind, not unusual here, and said "of course not, I am making my Gevalia." This is code for my traditional roast, the coffee I have drank on and off for the last 10 years. He actually wanted to know when I would be trying another kind. Like I know the answer to this. I really don't know if and when I will try the others, but it seems like I should. I have so many choices it is becoming like my library. Maybe I should call it my coffee library and when guests come over I could offer them a choice. Not that any of my friends are as fanatical about coffee as I am, but if I call my friend Ramona in Oklahoma she'll know what I mean.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Jackpot or rather coffeepot

I'll tell you the Lord really does work in mysterious ways. Just the other day I was writing about how much coffee I will probably consume in the morning while on my 10,000 hour round trip taking the kids to school. God must have been listening because the above picture is my accidentally acquired stash of coffee. The three on the left are my beloved Gevalia traditional roast that I buy every month. Of course 2 weeks ago there were 5, but now I'm down to 3. The middle 4 bags are my 4 free samples of Boca Java that I only paid shipping for. Here in Hawaii $11.00 shipping might as well be free. The 5 coffees on the end are my unexpected friends. I opened my regular shipment of Gevalia and nearly had a heart attack. The boxes said Cafe Sperl. Cafe Sperl? When did I order Cafe Sperl? I open the bill which is always paid directly from the bank (so that there can never be any mishaps in coffee delivery) and sure enough the bill says Traditional Roast. Frantically I dial the 800 number for Gevalia. The lady on the other end checked my account, verified that it should of been Traditional Roast, and told me that she is sending out the regular shipment immediately at no charge. I asked her what do I do with the Cafe Sperl and she says "keep it on us and enjoy." Can you believe this? Keep it on us and enjoy!!!! You gotta love Gevalia. In 10 years they have never sent me the wrong stuff, but the one time they do, they fix it right away and even let me keep my gift. How awesome is that? Now I know why I pay $37.50 a month for Gevalia. Now if only someone would send me an unexpected shipment of Nestle Coffee Mate french vanilla creamer. Posted by Picasa


Here's what happens when you buy your kiddo a sandbox. He plays in the opposite side of the yard in a dirt pile. Posted by Picasa

Meet my kid the pothead

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Dominic Jr. walking to his school

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Damian's first day of school

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Update on stray kitty

I'm still in the process of taking the stray kitty to the Humane Society, and she is still in the process of making herself at home. Dummy (me) is still feeding her, and now she is out of hiding and sleeping like the queen of sheba on my lawn swing. Dummy (me again) is still telling the kids she is not our kitten and we are not, I repeat, NOT keeping her. We already have two cats we adopted as strays. The kids are still looking at dummy (guess who?) and thinking "yeah, right!"

Off to school we go

Yesterday went off without a hitch. Thank God. We dropped the little one off first and he did well. I think once he saw all the new toys at his head start classroom he got excited. We did have one issue that morning though, the shoes. I finally got sneakers on his feet and he kept crying and saying no shoes, boo boo, boo boo hurt. He never wore shoes and he wasn't going to. After a half hour of this I thought forget about it and took them off. I put his flip flops (slippas) on and decided to give the sneaker to his teacher and wish her luck. Won't she like me on the first day, leaving all the dirty work for her. I walked in the class and saw other kids with (slippas) on and I asked the teacher if he had to wear sneakers, and she said no. All this for nothing. Not only did I get a great deal on the new sneakers (see post below somewhere,) but he probably will never wear them and we will have to go through all this in kindergarten again. Unless of course he goes to kindergarten in Hawaii, where (slippas) are a given.
The other two boys got off to a great start. My 7 year old was dropped off first and them my 8 year old. My 8 year old has a male teacher this year and I had to laugh at the differences already. All the female teachers had the kids names on the desk, and the classroom arranged just so. My son's teacher, Mr. Ing, didn't seem to have his room in any particular order, and when my son looked at him like where am I supposed to sit, he said "sit wherever you want." What female would let you sit wherever you want. Is this guy crazy. All the kids of course gravitate to their friends, which in elementary school is trouble waiting to happen.
My two high schoolers did fine. Mostly this week is all orientation, schedule pick up, fees, etc. If I pay anymore fees I'll have to go to the poor house, but that's part of the whole public school package now. We even pay for bus service here in Hawaii. I will be shocked when my kids go to the mainland and they don't charge me the standard $260. per quarter. Now you all know why I drive them. Even gas at $3.13 a gallon is cheaper.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuna what?

The other day my friend Lauren was over and she gave me a recipe for tuna casserole which she said was awesome. Well when someone mentions something food related to me, that sounds good, I either have to have it or have to have it soon, because if I don't it stays in my mind like a worn out tune playing over and over. Tonight I decided I will try it. So when the kids asked what's for dinner, I said excitedly "tuna casserole." They all said in one voice, "tuna what?!" I said "tuna casserole." "Oh gross," was there response. Well sorry for that but when mama wants something, mama gets something. I will let you all know how this turns out. Of course the kiddies will probably starve, but I won't!

It all begins again

Tomorrow is the first day of school for us. I can't wait for the kids to meet their new teachers. I have one already in high school, my son is starting high school, I have 2 in elementary, and 1 starting Head Start. Do you think they all start at times that are convenient? Of course not. Because my house was moved due to demolition last year, and because we are a geographical exception at the kids school, and because we have chosen to keep them where they are at instead of move them into the new district, we now have to drive all of them. The little one will be starting at 7:30 am. This is nice and early, but right after dropping him off I have to swing down the street (would be good except for all the Hawaii traffic) and have the elementary kids to school by 7:55. Wish me luck. Of course the 2 high schoolers (who would like to be dropped off at 8;00 even though the school is only 3/4 a mile down the road) are SOL How happy do you think that makes them? You'd think I'm asking them to walk to Zimbabwe. So does this sound like the start of a great day? It sounds more like an accident waiting to happen. I know I will be used to it in about a week, but until then it will be fun to say the least. The Head Start teacher told me to drop him off at his class at 7:30. I said "drop him off?" I thought we might be staying with them the first day. She says they will adjust better if we just leave them for the first few days. Ok, let's see how that all goes. I think I will go to the store and try again to look for the coconut creamer Jen recommends so I can be well armed for tomorrows early morning.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A trip to the housing office

Yesterday me and my friend Melissa went to our housing office to find out what the scoop was on our upcoming move. We were moved from our housing area last November due to the fact it was being demolished for new housing, and now the area we picked will be the next to go. Doesn't this figure? Anyway I said to the lady who is in charge of what they call the moveover, give me a crappy house, not one of those renovated one's. She laughed, and my friend Melissa said, "no she's serious? ' The housing lady looks at me like you can't be serious," and I say "look lady I have 5 kids still living with me and 4 of them are boys." She still seems perplexed, so I say "Do you know what 5 boys can do to new carpet, new appliances (my 8 year old recently took up cooking), newly painted walls, etc? The whole time Melissa is shaking her head yes while trying to fill out her own information on the information sheet. I think by the time I left she got the idea I knew what I was talking about, or else she was just being polite while thinking I am raising zoo animals instead of boys.

My sisters blind date

If you get a chance, go check out my sister at forksandchopsticks, because she went on a trip to the Philadelphia zoo to meet two women blog friends. I thought it was great that they all hit it off and it looks like my niece who is 4, got herself a boyfriend. I wish I could meet my blog friends, but what is the chance that any of them live near me? I did meet up with a group of women from the ivillage Hawaii message board, that I had chatted with a year before actually coming here, and they were all just as nice in person, if not nicer, then they were on line. It was so much fun to try to put names to the faces. I was sometimes able to just by their own descriptions, but now with blogs having pictures on them, it would be much easier. Have any of you met any blog friends? I know some people know each other from their families or neighborhoods who have blogs, but I was wondering if any other bloggers have had these kind of get togethers. This just sounds like a whole lot of fun.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I first bought the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser a few years ago. I have always loved it. I use it for everything. I clean sneakers, doors, walls, etc. I must be going crazy because I came across reviews for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at epinions, and now I am in the process of reading all 178 of them. I am thinking maybe I can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on other stuff. Or maybe I have too much time on my hands that I have resorted to reading about the little white square made of stuff from outer space that magically erases all kinds of things. Do ya think? Honestly I don't have that much time on my hands but for some unknown reason I can't stop reading about all the things people are using this little invention on. Does anyone else use this, and on what? Anyone else obsessed with this magic thing? Or am I the only one?

Dominic and Julia at the zoo

This is my very good friend Alisha's husband Dominic at the zoo last month with his new daughter Julia. Yesterday Dominic left for Iraq for one year. Please keep him in your prayers and wish him a safe return. Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday?

This is the little monster Darrian who turned 3 years old on July 16th. On the morning of his birthday we made a big deal of it when he woke up. We said Happy Birthday, your 3 years old, look at all your presents, etc. Well today he gets up and walks into the kitchen and says to me "happy birthday!" I said "thank you, but it's not my birthday." He looks at me, starts crying and saying "happy birthday where's my presents?" I laughed and said "it's not your birthday today, you already had your birthday." He ran down the hall crying and got back into bed. I wonder if he will think tomorrow is his birthday too. Posted by Picasa

You want to do what?

My daughter Vanessa, who is 16 has attended a camp for the youth group in our church. She really enjoyed it. She was talking about the night that the teens were praying for a long time and then they all started weeping. I explained to her this was the movement of the Holy Spirit. This impacted her a lot. She is the religious one in this house. You know how all your kids can have different identities, like the tomboy, or the artist, or the brainiac? Well she is my religious kid. Last night I was asking her what she might like to go to college for and she said maybe become a pastor of some sort. I was thinking that would be great. What better than to raise a child who is close enough to God to want to be so involved in the church. She does spend all of her time at church. This morning though I got up and I said to my husband "Oh no, Vanessa wants to become a pastor maybe." He said "I thought you said that was great last night." Of course I thought it was great last night, but then overnight I was thinking how hard would it be to live in a house with a kid going through seminary? It would be like growing up as the pastors kid. I would have to be careful of all my stuff I'm not supposed to do. Not anything big, but sutff like being addicted to reality tv, and sometimes I curse like a truck driver, and of course caffeine. I would die before cutting back on caffeine. I would never discourage her from pursuing this line of work, but I really think it will be weird living with her while she goes to college. She wants to go to the University of Hawaii, and for now we live in Hawaii, but someday we might have to move so their is no guarantees, but I will be glad if she does end up living here and going to school to become a pastor. But giving up caffeine-No Way!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

let's talk about ADHD

I went to church today and forgot to take my medicine. After sitting there for awhile I figured it out. Here is how it went. When I got to church I took the bulletin and found my seat. I forgot to drop my kid off at children's church downstairs. Of course I do this every week so you'd think I would remember. It is not actually a memory problem with ADHD. but, more of a totally blocking out that I ever take him downstairs. After he taps me several times I take him down. I walk back up and was going to go right to my seat until the usher stopped me. They were right in the middle of the opening prayer (duh) so you are not supposed to be walking at this time in the sanctuary. Anyway there is a page in the bulletin for taking notes. We were having a sermon on ten laws of money. Here's what I write: #1.Law of Contentment, #2.Law of budget, #3 Law of the fish, somehow I got off track and I write need to buy a vegetable basket for BBQ, and renew subscription to Christian Parenting. Yes I was listening, and I can actually listen and write about two subjects at once, but I know if something pops into my head I have to write it down or forget it. At this point I realized I didn't take my meds. and, this is usually how I notice it. I have scattered thought like this at all times. On the meds. I never do this. Anyone who knows me also knows I move at warp speed. When off meds I only sleep about 4 hours a night, but on stimulant medication I sleep a good 7 or 8. I think this is what Dr. Phil calls the medication confirming the diagnosis. Well that's a little of what it is actually like to have ADHD.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My refrigerator

This is my refrigerator. This is where 3 kids, 2 teenagers, and 1 husband can't find anything to eat! Posted by Picasa

AC stupids

As you all know from a previous post that my hubby got new ACU's ( Army Combat Uniform's). The Army's new version of the Battle Dress Uniform. He has had them about a week, and just figured out last night, at 7:30 pm, that they actually needed to be washed for his next day's shift. This is how the conversation went:
Him: "Babe, can you wash my ACU's?"
Me: I roll my eyes because I had already done the days laundry and had just gotten on the computer to do some blog reading. "Ok," sigh!!!!
Him: "Oh, I heard you have to be careful to not ruin them," and "Oh yah, you need to use only certain kind of detergent."
Me: more eye rolling. "What kind of detergent?"
Him: "I don't know!" (big surprise here!)
Me: "Read the label." Don't ya think?
Him: "OK"
Him again after reading the label: "You need to use a detergent without optical brighteners."
Me: "What the hell are optical brighteners?"
Him: "I don't know."
Me: a lot more eye rolling. "I guess I can look online since I'm already on the computer." I am in luck because Winekpedia actually has a list of all the detergents that do contain optical brighteners and all the one's that don't. Do you think I have any that don't? Of course not.
Me: "I don't have any of these, since there are only about 10 that don't."
Him: "I guess I better run to the to the commissary and get some before it closes."
Me: "Ok!"
Him: "Babe?"
Me: Ut Oh!
Him: "Do you think you can come with me so I don't get the wrong kind?"
Me: Ultimate eye rolling. "Ok." Being the nice wife I am (he better remember this at Christmas,) of course I will go make sure you don't get the wrong kind, even though I made an extensive detailed list no one could possibly screw up, especially a soldier who manages a squad in the US Army. At this point I am thinking "what the heck did he do before he married me?"
So off we go to the Commissary before it closes and wouldn't you know they only have one on my list that I can use in my front load washer. "Cheer He." I pick it up and go to check out on the way buying more stuff I don't need.
Him: "Uh, babe?"
Me: "What?"
Him: "Are you sure this is the right one?"
Me: Yes, it is on my list, and it is the only one here I can use in my machine." I'm thinking "if it's a choice between ruining your ACU's and ruining my machine buster, it will be the ACU's or you can go to your own laundry mat and use their machines." Of course I smile sweetly and go my merry way up to the register.
Him: "Babe, can you buy me some mentos?"
Me: "I guess so!" I'm thinking, "buy your own damb Mentos!"
Him: Thanks.
Right about now I am not surprised that some guy wrote a book called "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." I am just surprised it was a man who figured this out!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Here we go again

The other day I took a picture of a stray kitten who seems to be living somewhere around my house. The kids say "Oh, isn't she cute?" I say no more kittens, this one is going straight to the Humane Society, Well today it is still around and I have resorted to letting the kids feed her a little cat food. You know who is starting to feel sorry for her. Today I reiterated again "this kitten is still going straight to the Humane Society." Of course she is staring right at me through my glass doors and so far I haven't taken her anywhere. I will have to though, because this is how I got stuck with the 2 cats that I have now. Don't get me wrong, I love the cats, but I can't keep every stray that comes around. So once again, tomorrow, I will say "this cat is definitely going to the Humane Society."


My two boys, Jr. 8 years old, and Damian 7 years old have decided to write their Christmas list already. They claim they want to get it in early in case Santa needs time to think about it. I know for a fact they don't still believe in Santa, but they figure he probably has more money than me, so they will keep on pretending. Here is what they have decided they want:
Jr. writes: Thank you for the foosball tabil. I want PSP, skate board, yu-gy-oh 3 blue eyes pack and elementals (whatever the heck that is), white robot Dinosaur, and I think that is it. The other one writes Thank you for geting us foosball tabil, I want gamboy evans, white robot man, spiy kids 3d with 4 glasses, yu-gi-oh, Woderball. Gofing kit, toy parit that copes you (I think this is toy parrot that copies you). I wonder if any other kids have decided to write their lists in July. My older son Brandon who is always the bearer of bad news, says "Santa is not going to buy you both a PSP, do you know how much that costs?" Like he's paying for it. My daughter Vanessa who is 16, just looks at them like they have two heads, shrugs her shoulders, and walks away. Her usual response to the two boys who follow her around all day mimicking her. I guess at least they are giving me enough time to put all this on lay a way, just in case "Santa" sees fit to actually buy any of this stuff.

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my mom because today is her birthday. Happy Birthday crazy quilter!!!!! Here is a cute clip you might like.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The saga continues

You all know I have written about the purchase of my third sandbox. Well here is the proof. If you take a look at the before and after you will notice that it only took a few days for the monster (Darrian) to destroy the back yard. Who do you think will be cleaning this up tonight?


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Dr. Spock

This kitten has showed up at my house today and I wanted to take a picture of her, but she was so scared that I had to take the picture through the glass. You can't really see her, but she has huge ears. I am calling her Dr. Spock. Posted by Picasa


Before reading the following post please excuse any spelling errors. It's late, I'm tired, and my spell checker isn't working. Also the hubby is at work and can't edit for me. So here it is, warts and all...

My one and only

Ok, here it is, my first love. Thanks to Nestle, who has given my husband some fierce competition. I seriously think, my husband thinks, I would give him up before even considering giving the creamer up. He may be onto something. This is the first thing I see every morning and you can bet the last thing I see every night. It has been this way for at least 12 years, when I first discovered they had flavored creamer in a little 7-11 at Ft. Sill Oklahoma. My craving for it has never lessended. My first thought before leaving Ok. for Germany in 1997 was "I wonder if they have this over there in the Commissary." I was thinking "Cause if they don't my husband may have to do an unacommpanied tour, because I won't leave the US if I can't have my creamer." My second thought was "maybe my parent's could ship it over in some dry ice." Now that is really desperate. How much do you think that would of cost? I would of probably paid an arm and a leg for it, make that 2 legs, but thank God, the commissary in Hanau Germany had it and my husband called to let me know as soon as he found it. He practically ran out of the barracks looking for it not so sure that if he didn't find it I would actually come to Germany. This is definately my obsession. My other dirty little secret is I pay $37.50 for Gevalia every month just so I can have my creamer in one of the most awesome brands of coffee I ever tasted. This love affair also started in Ft. Sill, Ok. thanks to my friend Ramona who gave me the memebership, and the free coffee maker for my birthday. Anyone else with an obsession they want to come clean about? This means you mom. Remember your buying quilting material addiction? No matter how much material my mom buys, she can always find more she needs, in any given place, at any given time, that their is material around. Like mother like daughter wouldn't you say? Posted by Picasa

Hubby in new uniform

Here is the new Army uniform. They are called ACU' which stands for Army Combat Uniform. They feel like pajamas which is a lot more comfortable than BDU's which feel like cardboard. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

sand, sand, and more sand

Here is the picture of a pool we filled with sand. I must be crazy to do it since I swore I would never have another sand box, but so far have had 3 here in Hawaii. My first experience was when we got here. I bought a giant pool and when the kids got sick of this filled it with sand. It seemed every kid in the neighborhood wanted to play in the giant box filled with sand. No problem except sand is very messy. The kids had it everywhere and every night I had to shovel pile's of it off the patio. After about 4 months I emptied it and said never again. Well we moved two streets over and Darrian turned two. I decided to get this little plastic pool and put some sand in it. My husband said "are you crazy, I thought we were done with sand all over?' Of course I told him it would just be a little sand so how bad could that be? I put the box out and for 3 days it was great, and then the little monster started transferring sand all over the place, even bringing it in the house by cupful. I soon tired of this and got rid of the sand once again. What does the kid do? He starts digging in the dirt where the sand used to be and now that's all over. So what do I do? Buy a water table. Technically I can blame this one on my mom and dad because they sent the money to buy it for his birthday, but I was the one who went to Kmart to pick it up. What do you all think happened next? He started transferring the dirt to the water table and now we have mud! So what does dummy (me) do? I go out and buy another bunch of sand. I figure if he is going to put stuff everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. then sand is probably the least of 3 evils (dirt, sand or mud). Anyone want to guess on what will happen next? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Of course once I am really sick of this I will get rid of the sand and promise to never again have a sandbox. I do have one other hope though. It is that when he starts Head Start on July 27th they will teach him how to actually play in the sand and water table without mixing it all up. I'm sure he will play nice there and then come home and make his usual mess here. I guess it's just something I will have to live with. You would think that would be the end of it, but my daughter is supposed to bring my grandson Julian here, who is 1 1/2, and I am sure my 3 year old will be glad to show him what to do with sand. Posted by Picasa

Darrians new water table

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Darrian's little party

We did not have a big party but wanted to mark the occaion, so we just had some kids in from the neighborhood. The little boy with the blond hair in the corner is Josh. He is eating from a pink and orange bowl. He didn't get in the following pictures so I wanted to show him here. Posted by Picasa

Kids, kids, kids at the party

The kids friend Wesley is on the end. He is one of our neighbor boys. His brother Dillon (who sits to the left but you can't see except for his orange shirt), and the kids friend Josh who is getting a glass of milk and is not in this picture. Posted by Picasa

Darrian's 3rd birthday party

Here is big brother Brandon, then birthday boy Darrian, then dad ready to leave for work, next is Jr. and Damian. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another deal you couldn't beat with a stick

I bought these shoes at Walmart (you know the one of five we don't need here in Oahu), and they were kids size 7, and wide, and on clearance. Did you hear that? On Clearance!!! They only cost $5.00 and they are a perfect fit. I think he will love them since he tried them on. I am a little skeptical because here in Hawaii most babies never wear shoes. In fact most people never wear shoes, including to schools, hospitals, work, etc. It is so hot that people always wear flip flops (or what Hawaiian's refer to as slippa's). Actually slippers, but in the Hawaiian style of talking. I love the way they talk here. Well my son Darrian is 3 today and he was born here. All he has ever worn are "slippa's." He starts Head Start on July 27th and is supposed to wear sneakers. I will keep you all posted on what happens. Wish me luck! Posted by Picasa

Haunted Houses

I was reading through my comments and realized a few other bloggers lived in haunted houses and liked to watch shows about hauntings like I do. Jen at A Good Cup of Coffee said she once lived in a haunted house and blogged about it. I will have to check this out. Beck at frog and toad are friends, also made a reference to living in a haunted house. I lived in a house here in Hawaii for a few years that we believe may have been haunted. I say believe because once you have things happen in your house, you actually don't know what to think. My husband came down the stairs one day with an unusual look on his face. I asked what was wrong and he said that while he was lying in bed a little thing like a bubble was traveling around the border in our bedroom. He said he kept looking to see if it was light from the window or something and he was afraid to move, since he didn't know what the heck it was. I said "Oh you mean an orb?" He asked what was that because he never believed in any of this stuff. I told him I am not sure what it really is but there are a lot of theories. Anyway, my daughter came to visit many months later. She has always been one to sleep alone. While she was here she kept trying to get Vanessa to sleep with her in the room (Vanessa didn't make it too long because Kira is a loud snorer.) When my daughter was getting ready to leave, she said that she was trying to get someone to sleep in there with her because when she went to walk in that room one day, there were little bubbles (the orbs again), streaking across the room and it really frightened her. I told her what my husband had seen and that really freaked her out. A few months later I went to drive my daughter to her volunteer job at the Humane Society, and when I got home I went to go into the bathroom and it was locked. I know it wasn't locked because I was the last one to leave the house after using the bathroom and I always leave the door open. I thought maybe I did lock it, but why would I. When the kids all got upstairs they were calling to me that all the room doors were locked up there from the inside. I am a freak about people leaving doors open and I always check the house before I leave so I really don't know what to make of all this. This has nagged me for awhile and my instinct tells me this is unusual. Now we live two streets down in a bigger house and we have only had one incidence. Again it seems to like my husband. He was walking down the hall late at night to our room and he was saying "Brandon what are you doing up?" The next thing I hear a door close and he comes into bed. He told me he saw Brandon in the hallway, but he just disappeared. He went to check Brandon's room and there was Brandon fast asleep. Everyone else was already in bed so we figured it was another incidence. What do you all make of this? Does anyone know of any good blogs about these kind of things. I watch all the same stuff as Jen, The Travel Channel's Most Haunted, and Sci Fi's Ghost Hunter's, etc. Are there any other great channels you all watch? Excuse the "You All," I use it a lot since we were stationed in Oklahoma for 6 years and it is something I picked up and never let go.

Stage fright

This is Jr. at VBS. He looks like a deer caught in headlights. I think he may have stage fright. He did not do one hand signal or utter one word of the song through the whole thing. Posted by Picasa

Damian at VBS

Damian is the one in the back with his thumb up. Posted by Picasa

Vanessa-a crew leader for VBS

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cookies and cupcakes

While reading one of my new favorite magazines (Cookies) this morning, I came across an article on San Francisco. They showed many places to visit there and one of them was a restaurant called Miette. The picture showed an awesome looking cupcake that this restaurant sells. It got me thinking (and craving) cupcakes. So for my son's 3rd birthday on Sunday July 16, I will try to find a really good cupcake recipe. While I was searching the net for a recipe I came across a really neat blog called cupcakestakethecake. While looking through all the delicious pictures of cupcakes (you all need to check this one out), I found a really cool restaraunt located in NYC called Burgers and cupcakes. Now, I live in Oahu so this is not an option for me, but my parents live in NJ and occasionally go to New York, so they might be interested in checking this out. Once they see the awesome pictures on the cupcake blog, and then check out this place's website, I think they might want to try it out and report back to me. Cupcakes seem to be all the rage right now. With places like Sprinkles cupcakes in California, popping up all over country, what can one do but jump on the bandwagon. I think I might. How about you?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wonder Pets

A while back my sister blogged about kids tv, check her out at Forks and Chopsticks. She did mention The Wonder Pets, but I don't think she likes them. I do know that my grandson Julian, who is 1 1/2 , just loves them. I think all of his little friends do to. I guess in this new generation of kids, Wonder Pets is like teletubbies, Damian's favorite (he is now 7), and Barney was Dominic Jr.'s favorite (he is now 8), and Brandon's favorite was Power Rangers (he is now 14), and Vanessa's favorite was Smurf's (she is now 16), and Josh's favorite was Heman (he is now 20), and Kira's favorite was Strawberry Shortcake (she is now 22), well you all get the hint. Different strokes for different folks. What are some of your favorites from the past?

Target, Target, Target

I was reading a post at twinadoMommy and she was saying that Target was her second home. Well It got me thinking of how Target used to be my second home. We had one in Washington, but when my husband got stationed to Hawaii, lo and behold, no Target. Did you all hear that? NO TARGET. Of course we are lucky enough to have 5 WALMARTS. As I was reading her posts It refreshed my serious withdrawal problem from Target. I have not thought about it too much over the years, but when I saw those cute hats twinadoMommy had on her twins (of course the twins are too cute), I remembered all the cool stuff I am missing because of NO TARGET. So anyone who feels sorry for me please e-mail your Target and ask (No Beg) for them to build one in Oahu on behalf of me. Thank You and happy shopping to all of you at (you guessed it) TARGET!!!!!

New blogs

I found a few new blogs I really like. They are in my link section. I love the pictures of the twins at twinadoMommy. They are so cute. Please check them out and let me know what you all think.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

fallen and serving members of the Military

Here are a few links for our men and women of the military. Some who have fallen and for those who still serve: This page is really nicely done. Please check it out at
A song for the military. I think very well done.


The kids are going to Vacation Bible School this week. Every year they love doing this. Every year they have a different theme. This year it is "Fiesta". My son's love this since they are half Mexican. My older daughter is a crew leader. The crew leaders help with the kids in doing their crafts, learning their songs and dances, and other assorted duties. Do any of your kids attend VBS? What is everyone else's theme?

Some gave all

I came across a link I would like to share. It is a website where you can remember a fallen soldier. Please check it out. I think you will all like it.

Magnetix man

Dominic Jr. is very artistic and every day you will find him doing something artsy. The other night he decided to make a man out of his magnetix. I think it is pretty cool. I took a picture in case one of his brothers wrecks his creation "unknowingly", and also I wanted to show you all his work.
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The great escape

Here he is trying to escape for the 60th time today at least. He can climb this fence in about 20 seconds at the most. I have met a few other spiderbabies and found out he will probably be a climber forever. He seems to enjoy the climbing as much as the escaping. This was similar to what my older one used to do when in Head Start and the teachers knew pretty quickly he was quite impulsive. Obviously he had ADHD. I don't know if this kid will, but he does act rather impulsively all day. I know many impulsive toddlers but kids like this take it to a whole new level. I will keep you all posted on his many other escapes. Posted by Picasa

Another day in the lazy days of summer

Darrian loves playing in this corner of the yard. We owned a sandbox, which he rarely played in, but for some reason he loves the dirt in this area. All day he spends time digging and then transferring some of the dirt onto the patio, and all day I spend sweeping it back into this area. I know sooner or later he will grow tired of this task, but so far his interest seems to be holding. Posted by Picasa

Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course