Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm the type of person that when you tell me I can't have something I want it. I want it so badly that until I get it I think about it all day, all night, and everywhere else in between. I realized a few days into wearing my cast that I wouldn't be able to make spaghetti. I figured not only couldn't I open the can with my can opener but draining a pot of spaghetti would be all but impossible. Over the next week and a half I thought a lot about spaghetti. In fact I thought about it so often that I finally went to the store to see what I could make that resembled spaghetti. I think by the time I got to the check out people either thought I was the extremely obsessive type or just plain crazy. With a smile on my face I unloaded my stash. 4 boxes lasagna hamburger helper, 4 cans of spaghettios with franks (pop top of course), 4 cans of spaghettios with meatballs, 2 cans Chef boyardee with mini meatballs, 4 cans of Chef boyardee with large meatballs, and several brands of spaghetti type tv dinners. I immediately went home, popped the top off 1 can of spaghettios, heated it up, and devoured it, right out of the pot. All I can say is bon appetit!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Everyone's a comedian

I was in the commissary today wearing a shirt my mom had given me. On it says "Queen of Everything." I passed a lady who had two adorable children in her cart and when she stopped I started chatting with her kids. She turned around, took one look at my shirt, and said "the queen of everything shouldn't break her arm." We both burst out laughing. It definitely made me smile.


I just wanted to say thank you all for your prayers. My surgery went great. I have a soft cast on and my hand feels great. My doctor showed me the x rays before and after, and boy what a difference. My wrist bones are all back where they are supposed to be. I will be checking in on all of your blogs tonight when the kiddies are in bed to see what you've all been up to. I would of checked in sooner, but had a little trouble with my DSL line last night, and Hawaiian tel was out here at 8pm fixing it. I seem to be back in business. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's not rocket science exactly

I was at the store last week and this oxiclean laundry ball caught my eye. I debated on buying it, but in the end I decided to give it a try. I was thinking that not having to put detergent in my washing machine would be just one more step I could miss. It consists of a hard ball of detergent that you put inside a soft ball that has holes in it and releases the detergent into the laundry at the rate of just enough to clean a load. All together the ball does 25 loads. Another plus is you leave it in the bottom of your washer all the time. So far so good. It really seems to be working and my clothes have come out nice and clean. Hubby got back from school last night and I decided to share my enthusiasm for the laundry ball with him. After explaining what it does and how it's supposed to work, he looks at the ball, puzzled, and says "how does the ball know how much detergent it's supposed to release?" I'm thinking "who cares," but I say "how am I supposed to know, I didn't invent the thing, I'm just using it in my washer." I told him if he really has a burning desire to know the answer to this, he can call 1-800-oxiclean and ask them. What do I look like, a rocket scientist?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

3 day break from blogland

I just wanted to let you all know that on Monday evening I will have surgery on my wrist. Nothing too traumatic, just a one hour surgery to place a small 1 1/2 inch plate in my wrist so that my one little floater bone will stay stabilized. The good news is that I will only wear a splint that goes to my elbow for two weeks. It is removable so no more showers with my one arm sticking out. After this I will need a sling, but basically I will be using my hand just a little over two weeks out of surgery. We decided this would be a lot better than 7 more weeks in a cast up to my shoulder. Please send prayers and good thoughts my way. I will be checking all your blogs as soon as I can because I really enjoy reading about you all and your families. I know you have told me I should rest and not comment so much, but basically I enjoy commenting a lot that one broken wrist just ain't gonna stop me. I will be online up until Monday morning and probably not again until Wednesday because they want me to rest up, but I am going to let the kids and hubby (who flies home tomorrow) wait on me so I can enjoy my blog time. Thanks again for thinking of me and I'll chat with you all soon.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello, this is God speaking

Have you ever had a moment when God speaks to you loud and clear? Have you figured out yet God has a sense of Humor. Today as I sat down to watch "The View," I decided to have some breakfast. Something fast to prepare and easy to eat with one hand. I decided on Flaming Hot Cheetos and water. At least it wasn't Cheetos and Coke. I already drank a Coke an hour earlier. As I sat down to enjoy my first bite of Cheetos, this is when God spoke. Not in words, but actions.
I put my hand in the bag and as I was pulling out a handful my hand got caught on the bag. I tried to use my hand that was in a cast to hold the bag steady while I pulled out my Cheetos. Of course my water was kind of in the way of the cast and as I maneuvered the cast I toppled the entire glass of water onto the Cheetos bag, wetting most of the Cheetos. This was when I could hear the voice of God saying "Cheetos are not for breakfast." OK, I guess I'll have an apple. Thank you God. I didn't need the Cheetos anyway. Not only have you saved my health, but my waistline also. Isn't God Awesome?

It's official

I just googled to find out if Walmart is closing their lay a way all over or just in Hawaii. I got my answer. It's official, after Christmas there will be no more lay a way at Walmart. Many people believe this is a huge mistake and so do I. Like one lady said I know people who won't shop at Target because there is no lay a way, and so Walmart is probably in for the same rude awakening. I have noticed lately that Walmart is not what it used to be. Has anyone else noticed this? Well that's the official news for today. Maybe tomorrow the news will be better. One can only hope.

Must have for people with broken arms

This product by Dirt Devil is a lifesaver for people who break their arm's. Or rather one of their arms. I have a Rainbow vaccum which I love, but requires me to fill and dump a large container of water every time I use it. This is not too easily accomplished with having the use of only one arm. I went and bought this product by Dirt Devil called a power sweeper. I used it for the first time today and absolutely give this a thumbs up. First of all it has no cord, but for a rechargeable product it sure does pick up a lot of dirt. Not only that, but the charge lasts quite awhile. The other plus is it is lightweight, maybe 5 lbs. so I can push it around easily with one arm. Also the on/off button is operated with your foot, so I don't need an arm to turn it on or off. The dirt cup is easily emptied with one hand and best of all my 3 year old can operate it. Now that's what I call a great toy.

Earth Shattering News

Drum roll please.........I went into Walmart this morning where I spotted some really cute ducky decor for the bathroom. I decided to do my downstairs bathroom in kid decor since this is the bathroom they most frequently use. It is also the one right off the living room that guests most often use, but I thought they might enjoy the duckies a little bit too. Off I went piling duck stuff in my cart. I got ducky towels, ducky toothbrush holder, ducky soap dish, and ducky border to match my ducky rug and toilet bowl cover I already have. After cleaning Walmart out of duck decor I stroll down to lay a way. At the counter there is a sign that reads, after Christmas Walmart will be doing away with lay a way. It seems in recent years people have cut way back on using this way of purchasing things. I blink once, twice, three times thinking this can't be true. What the heck are they thinking. I love lay a way. How can they be getting rid of my lay a way. I verified it with the lady and yes indeed, Walmart will no longer offer lay a way. I thought I was going to faint from the shock. What will I do? Anyone who has ever lived in military quarters can tell you we don't have a ton of storage space so every Christmas, I put my things on lay a way, and don't get them out until the absolute last minute, because I have nowhere to put it all. Basically lay a way is my Christmas storage closet. I guess next year I will be officially screwed. Not to mention I put lots of stuff on lay a way throughout the year. No more. I guess the good old days of lay a way are finally coming to an end, and that my friend is truly Earth shattering news.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fooling around

How do you all like my fashionable cast? I picked blue, but when I went out in the waiting room there was lady with a light pink cast that was even nicer. My friend says I should "accidentally" get this one wet and then choose pink when they have to redo it. Nice idea, but I'd feel guilty for lying and wouldn't be able to enjoy the pink one anyway. I'm a crappy liar so being on a reality tv show probably isn't an option for me. The kids had me take these pictures, they thought it might be funny to mess around with mom's cast.

Things are going OK except my doc would like me to elevate my arm more hours in the day. Whom should I get to watch my kid's, the magic man? Or perhaps he would like to hire me a nanny. Now that sounds like an option. I will keep you all posted on Friday when they evaluate me for surgery once again. Until then I guess I won't be playing tennis anytime soon.

By the way I hope none of you ever break your wrist, the cast weighs about 50,000. lbs. Well maybe not 50,000., but close enough. I feel like I'm dragging around a bowling ball all day. I also have a much higher respect for people who lose an arm. One handed living is not that simple. I can't even open a box top. Cooking hamburger helper made me seem lik a contortionist the way I was holding stuff with my teeth, leaning against the counter, and twisting myself around to rip the packages open. I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me. I'll let you know.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sandra, you are so awesome!

How does everyone like my new blog look? I absolutely love it. We can all thank Sandra over here for not only designing this look, but taking the time to put it in my dashboard for me since I totally don't know how to do it myself. Sandra, who has one of my favorite blogs out there, not only offered to do this for me, but had the patience to help me get it up and running. I have always admired her talents, not only in writing, but in graphics, and was more than thrilled that she wanted to help. I hope you will all go over and thank her that you no longer have to view the boring blog look I had before. While your there check out her other blogs also. Her food blog is amazing. It is obvious she is very talented in many areas and I am glad to have the privilege of calling her my friend. Once again Sandra thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I want it!

My mom just finished this quilt for my daughter Vanessa.You can't see, but the material is a print of musical instruments. This came out so nice that I would steal it if I could get away with it. Now I want one. Are you reading this mom? You can't tell me to wait until last even though you already made me a queen sized, and you can't tell me someone else asked you first because I am asking you right now. I want a design like this, not musical instruments, but maybe an old fashioned print, like little house on the prairie type print. You can have it ready just in time for Christmas. By the way Vanessa likes hers so much she is wondering if you can make her a matching decorative pillow? Oh good idea, I want decorative pillows too. Oh, and curtains and a dustruffel. Looks like you'll be busy. Sorry for the l0ng order, but it's your own fault. If you stunk at quilting no one would want any. Too bad, you don't stink at quilting, and I want another one. Thanks. Remember I have a broken arm and this would probably make me feel better, don't you think?


I hate the blogger comment issue. Would some of you at some of my favorite blogs like Rose the sea and Journey to the prize, etc. think about switching to beta or maybe opening up you comments section to anonymous temporarily so we who unfortunately have already switched to beta can leave comments until this issue is resolved. I am reading your blogs, but am not able to comment. I miss that because I enjoy you all so much and I think some other bloggers do to. I hope this is resolved soon. I hope it's not an inconvenience but I heard we are all going to have to go beta someday anyway. Just a thought. I hope you all know we are stil reading the posts, it's just the stupid beta issue rearing it's ugly head.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who new

I have only been in this cast since Wednesday but already have figured out some advantages to having no use in one arm.
#1 I can sit at the computer for as long as I like, without feeling guilty, since I can't do anything else, like housework, cooking, dishes, etc.
#2 The kids feel sorry for me so they keep asking what they can do? I refer them to above post: housework, cooking, dishes, etc.
#3 When I say I am tired, the kids say go take a nap, we'll watch the little one's.
#4 I have lots of time to read, remember no guilt involved for taking time out for mom.
#5 I am definitely going to save some money this month because going to Walmart is no longer as appealing. After trying to push the basket with one hand, load the basket with one hand, find the debit card with one hand, use the debit card with one hand, and drive home with one hand, this option is way too tiring. That's how I'm thinking I will save some money this month.
I do,'t advise you all to go out and break your arm just to get waited on hand and foot, but if it happens you might as well make the best of it. I think I'll go take my nap now. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Friday, September 15, 2006


This is why you will not be getting too many brilliant posts in the next 2 months from me. It seems that this weeks skating lesson did not agree with me. I shattered my wrist and still may need surgery. The moral of the story is....Do not try this at home. I will keep checking all of your blogs almost daily but I will probably leave short comments because I am not too good yet at being left handed, and since I am usually right handed, well you know the rest. Like I said I will still be in the blog loop, but may lay a little bit low until I heal. This post took me about 20 minutes to type, so I better go rest, and talk to you all soon.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Joanne Mary Cregan

I Remember
Joanne Mary Cregan
I saw a link on another blog for 2,996 project to honor victims of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. I thought this would be an awesome way to remember each and every one of the people who had lost their lives on that September day.
Joanne was a beautiful 32 year old woman. I didn't know her but could tell by her smiling face that she was the type of woman who could light up a room. The comments people made about her lead me to believe that she was a warm person, loved by many.
Joanne was a business manager, E Speed sales, for Cantor Fitzgerald and worked in the World Trade Center at the at/in building. Although I couldn't find too much information on Joanne I will never forget her face and wanted everyone to know she was one of the victims of the 9/11/01. May Joanne rest in peace and may her family know she is not forgotten. Until we meet in eternity God Bless and may angels hold you forever in their wings.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm In

Thank You all for all the well wishes on my move. I am officially in and quite a bit unpacked. I just can't sleep unless all these boxes are empty. I have been staying up late to get everything done. I had only one glitch. Wouldn't you know it's Internet. They transferred my phone, but not my DSL and I have to wait until Monday to contact them and hopefully get online ASAP. Right now I am using a prepaid online card from AOL and this is working well. I have to pay a surcharge here in Hawaii but it will tide me over until I get officially online once again. I am going to try to check all the stuff I missed out tonight. I am having a blog breakdown. I cannot wait to see what you all have posted. Thanks again.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Going on vacation

I'm actually moving on Tuesday, but I am calling it vacation to make me feel better. Like I won't have to do too much because I'm on vacation. I will let you all know if it works.
By the way can any of you tell me how you get these awesome headers for your blogs and how the heck you insert them? Any help would be appreciated.
I guess I better go now and I hope to see you all on Friday God willing the DSL is hooked up correctly by you know who.
By for now and I will try to check in on you all before I go.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Why am I showing a picture of my bed while blogging about my move on Tuesday? Because I was thinking today of how much I love my room . You can't see it but above my bed is a Dallas Cowboys border. The two quilts my mom made me are hanging on the headboard. Of course the best one is the Dallas one and the Steelers, well, you know? Now here's the moving part. Even though I love this room, I also love to change things around quite often. Now that I have to move, it will give me a reason to redecorate and to change this room into something else. I will probably keep the general theme, but make small changes here and there. I am always excited to do up everything fresh and new. I love thrifting so I will be able to give away some of my old nick knacks and go on the hunt for some different ones. The hunt is almost as fun as the find for me. My husband says "Oh know, we have to move again? Just another reason for you to shop." He says this jokingly and is nice enough to let me buy what I want and even to let me decorate our room with Cowboy's colors and borders, even though he is a die hard Steelers fan. So that is why I am all excited to move. I am not actually excited to do the move, but to be able to decorate after the move is complete. Another plus is I get to keep all my friends and even have some of them move closer. They are all also being moved into this area, so it works out great for us. I will post the new picture as soon as I finish figuring out what the new room will look like.
another reason I love this room is my bed. My hubby just left for school in Missouri today and this room is like my haven when he is gone. I can curl up at night with a good book or just turn on the tv and watch an old movie when the kids are asleep. Sometimes the kids will jump in with me and we will watch a kids movie and then fall asleep. This is something I will do to pass the time until hubby gets back and then this room becomes ours once again.
By the way this room usually has candles and pictures hanging on the wall, but due to the fact I had to take all of this stuff down for the movers the walls look kind of bare, so you all will have to use your imaginations and picture it in soft lighting with pictures hanging all over.

Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course