Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lazy days of summer

The other day Darrian went over to the recliner and fell asleep 5 minutes after he sat down. He looks like he was tired out from the beach and needed a little rest and relaxation himself. Posted by Picasa

New toys

Today I went to a store that is like "Goodwill," but called "Savers." I wanted to get some toys for the baby. I bought these blocks that are like "Tinker Toys." They were in a bag for $1.99. That is a great deal for something he will only play with for a short time. We only went to "Saver's," for a little while because my friend Monica was coming over so I didn't want to take too long. Posted by Picasa

summer nap

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Dad relaxing. He will soon be leaving for Afghanistan

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Dad playing the guitar while Darrian hides

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Air walker

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Darrian and mom on air walker

Here we are using the air walker and watching "Hell's Kitchen," on Monday night. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jr., Christopher, and Damian in the backround

Christopher slept over Friday night and the boys had a blast. Here they are pretending to fight on the trampoline. They never actually fight, they just have fun using their imaginations. They played video games and then watched a little tv and fell asleep by 10:00. I guess they wore themselves out. The next day we went to Schofield pool where they swam. The baby didn't wear water wings and learned to swim under the water. He liked using a kickboard, but refused the life jacket. Posted by Picasa

Jr., Christopher, and Damian

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Damian, Christopher, and Jr.

Last night Monica and Christopher flew in from Ct. Of course we all got together as soon as the plane hit the ground and we will be together every day until they have to leave. The boys loved taking a walk by Alisha's house and found some great trees they loved to climb. We talked until Monica practically couldn't keep her eyes open. It was just like old times. I have to get a picture of me, Alisha, and Monica together to put on my blog. Anyway, we had a blast and I am sure to have more pics to publish soon. Vanessa finally got to hold Julia and thought she was the cutest baby ever. Posted by Picasa

Sunset at Schofield June 22, 2006

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The boys having fun just where they left off a year ago

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Darrian plays at Schofield park

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Vanessa takes a picture of her and Darrians shadow

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Baby Julia yawning

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

genetics and ADHD

Here is a little information about genetics and ADHD.

A link for prisoners and ADHD in England

This link has a lot of info.

A plug for ADDitude

Since I have 2 boys with ADHD and was diagnosed with it myself at age 40 I get a very good magazine called ADDitude. These are some of the things I learned this month.
These athletes all have ADD, Terry Bradshaw, Michael Phelps, Pete Rose, Justin Gatlin, Cammi Granato and Chris Kaman. Cammi Granato who has the Olympic Gold and Silver for women's hockey, says "The sport doesn't require a lot of thinking. You just react. You're in the moment. I was a natural at that." This type of ADHD behavior led to an advantage for her on the ice. One of my boys wants to play ice hockey and is taking lessons right now, so I think this may be a really good fit.
I also learned some good tips from an article called "When Your Child Reads, Does it Register?" Many good tips were given in this one.
"Assembling a School Tool Kit," was also very informative. It talked about getting audiobooks for free with a diagnosis of ADHD from the gov't. This may come in handy one day.
Many other articles were good so If anyone wants to check it out go to there website.

Awesome sunscreen

I was telling Kira I wanted to buy this new sunscreen that is like aerosol spray and she said I have that. I asked how she liked it and she was saying it worked well for Juju since he licks anything off his skin that he can see. This stuff is invisible and you do not have to rub it in, just like bug repellent. She told me she got it at Walmart so I got right down there and bought me some and boy do I love it. It is by Ocean Potion and is called instant dry 30 mist. You just spray and go. And yes, yes, yes it works.

School Days

I was talking to my daughter the other day about the cost of school supplies and she was a little suprised when I said "just wait until Julian goes to school, It cost me anywhere from $300. to $500. for supplies not including clothes." It's funny how much products have gone up. Even with all the back to school sales it still is very expensive to send 5 kids to school. Here is an idea of what I spend.
Backpacks: $15.00 to $25.00 X 5= $100.
Shoes: $15.00 to $25.00 X 5= $125.
Pearl Harbor Kai shirts for the boys $12.00 each X 4=$48.
Notebooks: $4.00 to 9.00 X 4= $$16.00 to $$36.
Pens and pencils $3.00 X 4= $12.00
crayons and markers $$1.00 to $3.00 X 4= $$16.00
lunch packs $5.00 X 4= $20.00
Well I think you all get the pictures. No more prices like back in the old days. In fact Jr. asked me the other day why they called the little pieces of candy you got at the corner store penny candy. I said It used to cost a penny. How funny is that? Now penny candy cost a nickel or more. Anyone have anything to add to the back to school list?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Honor Coin

This is the honor or challenge coin that was given to all dads at out church on Fathers day. They had to line up, shoulder to shoulder, and the pastor went around blessing them and handing each a coin personally. There were about 200 men in our service and Vanessa said the same in her service. You can learn more about the military honor or challenge coin at this website. If this link takes you nowhere, please put in the address yourself to check it out. I still havent mastered the link thing yet. If not please go to That should do it. Posted by Picasa

Honor Coin

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Dad and kids enjoy the ocean

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Take Off

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More tubing

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Jr. and Darrian enjoy their new tube

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Lots of planes on Hickam Beach fathers day

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Fathers Day at Hickam-Dad in blue shorts

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A day at the beach

Bear with me and all the photos I posted, but it was an awesome day at the beach and I thought I would share it with everyone. This is the nice part of Hawaii. Only 10 minutes from my house is the kids school and right next door is Hickam Air Force Base and one of the most awesome beaches here in Hawaii. Awesome because it is a bay and although it gets some nice waves, nothing too big. The kids can play in the sand all day and they also have a park and a lots of cabanas with grills. If you don't want to cook, right there is the Sea Breeze and you can enjoy a lunch outdoors. Sounds like a hard life doesn't it?

Darrian and Jr.

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Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course