Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A term I use when something is, well, CRAPOLA. My husband is from Chicago and didn't know crapola was a word. In fact as I am typing this my spell checker is letting me know that the spelling must be wrong. These people must not come from New York. In New York, crapola, is a word. Yes indeedy. I am not sure about indeedy, but I am sure about crapola. In fact I was reading an article in a magazine the other day and sure enough this article said "The revised Oxford English Dictionary" includes 2,500 new words and phrases, and one of them happens to be crapola. CRAPLOA (noun) Material of poor quality, rubbish, nonsense. I am not sure whether I should share this info. with my hubby or keep it to myself for the next time we are playing Scrabble. When we are playing Scrabble would be infinitely more fun for me. Of course he will run to the dictionary, (which I will replace immediately with The revised Oxford English Dictionary), and lo and behold, CRAPOLA will be in there and I will add up my points and then wait for the next opportune moment when I can spring another word from New York on him that my husband also thinks is not a word, This word has been added to the new revised dictionary too: FRICKING (adj. and adv.) Expressing amazement , anger, exasperation, etc. Oh what fun Scabble can be!!!!!

Moral of the story One should in fact read the dictionary if for nothing else but to drive other people crazy while playing Scrabble.

Now how to keep him off this blog until the next round of Scrabble comes up.


Stephanie said...

Glad to see you back at blogging! Don't tell Dominic until you play Scrabble, ok? Too funny!
your sis

Jen said...

Good to have you back I missed you.

Anonymous said...

Crapola was very funny. I could not stop laughing. You always did have a great sense of humor. I miss you always entertaining us and think of many of the stories that had us laughing til we cried.

lin said...

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