Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The cry of my heart is to bring you praise
From the inside out Lord, my soul cries out.


elizabeth embracing life said...

Christina I love this worship song. I have it written out in one of my journals.

Under the Florida Sun said...

Hey Christina!
I forgot to answer your homeschooling question.
This is our 11th year of homeschooling! My oldest is going to graduate!! I LOVE it. I won't lie - there have been times that I think I could pull my hair out, but I think if you can surround yourself with good books, a good homeschool group for co-op and playtime stuff, you'd have a wonderful time.
It has brought us so close as a family and would want it no other way.
You can email me via my blog if you'd like to chat more about it :-)

Love this post too!!

lin said...

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