Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who doesn't like this?

Who doesn't like this thing? My 6 year old got this cute little guy for Christmas, and he hasn't touched it. He say's it's for babies. Who likes it then? My 10 year old. I caught him playing with it yesterday and he says to his 6 year old brother, "can I have this?" I said "you want his zhu zhu pet." He told me yes in fact he does want his zhu zhu pet. So at least I didn't waste my time fighting the crowds at Toys R Us in search of this thing. I now have a 10 year old who carries around a cell phone and a Zhu zhu pet.

On another note, since my 10 year old got a cell phone for Christmas, It's all he actually wanted, he is teaching me how to text. Can you believe I don't know how to text? What century am I living in. Anyway I can text now, but it takes me 20 minutes to write a sentence. My 17 year old said "mom, you need a key board," and then proceeded to show me how to text by word instead of tapping out each letter. Word, who knew.


Pamela said...

I have just started to text also and I love it. I was thrilled to get a new phone for Christmas that has a keyboard so I don't to fiddle around with the tiny keys on the old flip phone I had before. I read somewhere that children are more likely to communicate often with their parents if they text. I'm not too crazy about text spelling though - the grammar-freak in me can't bring myself to use u for you and r for are! I know it's faster but I just don't like it!

You should be able to find James Herriot at any library but Gervase Phinn might be a bit more difficult. I checked the Rhode Island State Library system (we can borrow from any library in the state since we're so small!) and they only have one Gervase Phinn title. You might have to wait until you move to a bigger state!

Yes, we held a Mother Daughter Tea Party as the grand finale to our American Girl Club just before we left Virginia. I will dig out the photos and some tips I found useful and put them on my blog next week. Vic and Sophia go back to work and school so I will have some time to myself.

Sophia does like to read but her tastes run along the lines of the Twilight books right now. However, she's also been reading some interesting titles as winter break reading for geography - I am glad her teacher assigns books that take her away from our Western world and explore some of the other areas of the world that we don't often read about. I minored in Asian Studies in college and read some great books on Japan and India.

You might look for a great series (12 books) called Mysteries in our National Parks which is published by the National Geographic Society for your boys. I'm thinking Book #12 (they are all stand alone books) "Buried Alive" might interest them because it is set in Alaska's Denali National Park. I know you're trying not to buy any more books so I hope you can find them at your library.

We really miss the movie theater on the base in Virginia. It was only $1.00 admission and the snacks were so reasonable. Yours is a great deal too.

Pamela said...

How can I contact you directly? I can't seem to find a "Contact Me" link on your blog. I have a little something I'd love to send to you - along the lines of the tea party idea we've been discussing. You can contact me directly at

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

**snort** on the texting thing! My 11 year old wants a cell phone but I just cannot bring myself to get him one.
I think I want a zhu zhu pet!

Renee said...

My soon to be 10 year old is wanting a Zhu zhu pet too! Stop on over at my blog, Path of Joy - I just added a tutorial on adding blog backgrounds that you asked about. Happy New Years!

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