Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our house is being packed out tomorrow and crated for shipping on Thursday. We will be in a hotel until the evening of July 27 then it is off to WA. The kids are excited to go to a new place even though we were already stationed at Ft. Lewis. I found out today that my friend, who took her baby to San Francisco last week , is home and that the baby has been diagnosed with infantile spasms and seizures. They may be sent to Lewis too in a few months. The baby is doing good and she had the perfect seizures while hospitalized. As soon as she did the neurosurgeons ran down from observation and got to see the whole thing. As much as this sucked for her it showed them a lot about her seizures. Anyway that's the news for this week.


Renee said...

Praying your move will be smooth and easy.

Together We Save said...

Hope your move is an easy one. Praying for your friend.

Junneth said...

Praying that God will strengthen you to do that great work. We just moved to our own house and really it was a laborious work but exciting one.

Anonymous said...

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