Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Club Penguin

The kids love to play the online game Club Penguin. I like it because it is an innocent kid's game that is monitored. It actually suits kids of all ages although the older one's would never admit it. They just sit at the computer with the younger kids and pretend like they are helping them. Does it look like the big kids are helping....more like the big kid is playing.


Mari said...

I've never heard of that game, but they look like they're having fun!

Renee said...


Anonymous said...

Is this one where you buy an access card?

There are few pplaces where monitoring is really secure so this looks good.

Rebecca said...

I left the blogging world for a while but have returned. I still have your blog saved as a favorite and I am looking forward to catching up. I see you are out of HI and now live in neck of the woods. Rebecca of The Washingon Walkers

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