Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Can anyone say an alert!

Monday was the day that all of my kids went back to school after Spring Break. I thought this week would be less busy. Wrong. These past 2 days have been nothing but busy. Just starting to put the house back in some kind of order has been quite the chore. Never mind grocery shopping, errands, one kids orthodontist appointment, and the list goes on.

I did want to alert everyone who has young girls to this horrid site. My daughter told me that this site is for girls from ages 9 on up and it it called Miss Bimbo. On this site you are a girl who can take diet pills (apparently this feature is being taken out), diet, get plastic surgery on your breasts and anywhere else, etc. This site is obviously intended to let young girls know that looks are about all they've got instead of letting them know that they are not all about what they look like. or how skinny they are, or how perfect they can make themselves. I still can't believe that this garbage is actually out there. My daughter couldn't believe it when she heard it. What kind of girls are these parents trying to raise. Either they allow it or they don't know what their daughters are doing on the internet. I told my kids this is the reason we only have internet in the middle 0f the living room, where everyone can see it. Kid's can get on this site thinking it is a game. This in fact does not sound like a game at all. I don't know how many more sites out there like this there are, but according to my daughter quite a few. So please be on the lookout.

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Jen said...

Thanks for the alert. Madison gets on our computer in the kitchen now. Her's has a problem loading up now a days. I will keep my eyes open though. Our Spring Break starts Saturday....i have alot planned though. Good luck cleaning.

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