Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gone but hopefully not forgotten

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was informed by housing about two weeks ago that we would be moving to new housing a few blocks away. Within 3 days we were being packed and moved. When I got to the new house I had called to have my phone and DSL switched over here. The phone company then informed me that there was a problem with the line. After 3 engineers and the contractor for this post came out to check these lines they finally let me know that I could no longer receive DSL and had to call the other company for internet and phone. Finally a few days ago I got up and running. After about 2 weeks without internet I am back online. Now I won't be getting my regular phone until May 15th because we have to change to digital phone for a land line. Thank God for cell phones. Well I hope to be posting more often now. I also have my daughter here with her husband and 3 kids so we have been quite busy. I hope to have time to check out all my favorite bloggers out there this week. I hope you are all doing well.


Jen said...

I figured you just got busy. although you did disappear this time last year....dont be doing that again without telling us.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I have been thinking about you and wondered where you went! I am so glad you are back!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I was just thinking of you today and wondering where you were :o)
Praying all is well for you...How's the weather in Hawaii? It's ugly and rainy here!!!! I think of beach, sunshine, and pineapples when I think of Hawaii...sounds wonderful ;)

kmom3 said...

Welcome back! I was actually just thinking about you and your mom. How is she doing?
I am so glad you are back in business with your computer. I just don't know how you ever survived without it for 2 whole weeks!!!! Man. The torture. :) Really now...that would be tough. :)

Have a great week!
Love and Blessings,

Sandra said...

Welcome back Christina.... :)

Looney Mom said...

I can't imagine the agony of not having internet for THAT long! LOL!

Glad you're back!

Melissa in AZ said...

now wonder u haven't returned ANY of my messages!!! U BRAT!!

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