Saturday, May 03, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays - Hillsong

I went to church a few weeks ago and got to hear Christine Caine from Hillsong United speak. All I can say is she was amazing. Most people know she can sing, but many people do not know what an awesome speaker she is. The pastor from one of our churches on The big island knows Hillsong and have people from Australia come and speak for us so we were lucky to have Christine. The music was amazing and Christine sang with our church and that really was something. The church was packed. Well over 1000 people. Me and my daughter had the best time. We met some nice people too. Here is a song from Hillsong that I love and you can see Christine in the shirt that has the flowing sleeves making her look like a bird. That was about the only way to explain who she is. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the song.


Peggy said...

It is aMazing to hear Hillsong and then be blessed my hearing them in person! How awesome is that! I did not even know the names other than Darlene...what a ministry! What a blessed privilege to hear her speak and sing! I enjoyed this immensely Christina! Thank you for sharing and blessing my evening with such a sweet, peaceful touch of Heaven and Love of the Lord! I LOVE YOU, LORD...Bless Christina and her daughter even more!! Peggy

Andrea said...

Wow - how lucky were you!! Thanks for sharing! I just love to see the videos with people praising God - you can see the spirit in their face! He alone is Good! Amen!!

Kim said...

Hey there~
Please know that I'm continuing to pray for your Mom!! I'll say a prayer for your mom each time I pray for my dad.

Hang in there...and keep me posted.


Sandra said...

That's wonderful Christina :)

Anonymous said...

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