Sunday, August 24, 2008


We started off the service today with this song and then Nick spoke and he was everything I thought he would be if not more. He has an awesome testimony and leads a fulfilled blessed life even without limbs. You can check out his website and new home in Los Angeles here: Life without limbs
By the way here is Nick surfing with Bethany who was attacked by a shark a few years ago and still surfs. Pretty good for someone so young.

On a side note: My pastor said the East Timor team was getting a little grief from the Catholic priest over there who runs a church, this is the team my daughter was part of this summer, and the Chief of the village, who became very close to our missionaries told the priest "Leave them alone, I don't tell you how to run your church so don't tell me how to run my village." Anyway our missionaries have built such a huge church and have become so involved with the people (they have been there for a little over 2 years), that this must of upset some of the long term church people. I truly believe the people of East Timor are not looking for a church or a way to worship, but are looking for a personal relationship with Christ. Something with more substance than a service once a week on Sunday. Maybe that is why the Christian churches take a strong hold so quickly. It isn't about bringing people to church but about ministering to their needs and helping them to establish the connection to where they are walking side by side with Jesus and He is walking with them. Please pray for this team and know that the Chief has asked them to stay for as long as they are willing, which my pastor says is forever.


Technonana said...

Christina, you are so right, we must reach people where they are... whatever their condition, and they are not always going to be inside the walls of a church.
Christ met people where they were!!
We are on a mission to bring people to Christ, not for a religion, but for a relationship!!
I will be praying for this team of missionaries!!
In Him,

Anonymous said...

what a testimony!

Blueberry muffins and tea

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