Monday, July 13, 2009

I had to have this

I'm obsessed with old fashioned things. It's funny how in time things become modern and then time is spent making them look old again. Of course you can play not only records, but Cd's, cassettes, and hook up an Ipod to this thing. My daughter saw me with these 45's and said "Oh you have vinyl's?" "No, I have records, we never called them vinyl's or albums, it was always I'm going to buy a record." She's still calling them vinyl's. She said "I thought they were bigger." "It's not a 33, it's a 45." She said "you only get two songs?" "Yes, on a 45 you only get 2 songs." She finally places it on the turn table, looks at me, and says "How do you make it go?" "Then she said "I thought they had CD's since you were born." When I told her no she exclaimed "when did you get CD"s, not until the 90's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I asked her if she ever saw an 8 track. I guess all that wasn't so bad until my 10 year old ran up to me holding a cassette and yelled "mama, what's this?" Okay maybe this is enough with the old stuff, I can only imagine what they will say when I buy the old fashioned pay phone. "You mean you have a cord that keeps you stuck to the phone? Gee that's too bad." "If you think that's bad you should know there is no call waiting, texting, or e-mail either."


Deborah said...

We bought one of these for my husband to play his ablums on. The first time my son saw the ablums he kept saying "Let's play those big CDs". I wish I had all my 8 tracks I never see those anymore.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That is so cool!

Rebecca said...

It is amazing how the times have changed.

Anonymous said...

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