Thursday, April 07, 2011

Government shutdown and the Military

I can't believe that our gov't cannot come up with some sort of plan to avoid a complete shutdown. I feel very sorry for all of the people who will be affected but especially the men and women fighting overseas. By the Grace of God, my husband and I, have been able to keep a savings account that would tie us over in case of no pay or limited pay, but my heart breaks for the young soldiers deployed, who because of rank and being newly in the Military, may not have this buffer. I feel President Obama, who claims the military will only be paid for one week instead of two, aught to think very carefully before he goes with this plan. What will this do to the men and women who defend the US and their Commander in Chief. Imagine being in a war zone, worried about your family, and on top of all this stress having the added benefit of worrying about how your family will pay the bills for basic Like I said there are many soldiers just starting out, living pay check to pay check, where will this leave their moral. Shame on you President Obama for laying this at the deployed men and woman's feet. What are you thinking? With the number of suicides being so high, and the military being shot at on a continual basis, how the heck do you think this is going to work.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am so angry over this! President Obama has really let me down. Prayers being lifted for our men and women fighting for our country!

Mari said...

It's ridiculous! There are lots of salaries that should be held before not paying the military!

Anonymous said...

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