Thursday, September 21, 2006

Earth Shattering News

Drum roll please.........I went into Walmart this morning where I spotted some really cute ducky decor for the bathroom. I decided to do my downstairs bathroom in kid decor since this is the bathroom they most frequently use. It is also the one right off the living room that guests most often use, but I thought they might enjoy the duckies a little bit too. Off I went piling duck stuff in my cart. I got ducky towels, ducky toothbrush holder, ducky soap dish, and ducky border to match my ducky rug and toilet bowl cover I already have. After cleaning Walmart out of duck decor I stroll down to lay a way. At the counter there is a sign that reads, after Christmas Walmart will be doing away with lay a way. It seems in recent years people have cut way back on using this way of purchasing things. I blink once, twice, three times thinking this can't be true. What the heck are they thinking. I love lay a way. How can they be getting rid of my lay a way. I verified it with the lady and yes indeed, Walmart will no longer offer lay a way. I thought I was going to faint from the shock. What will I do? Anyone who has ever lived in military quarters can tell you we don't have a ton of storage space so every Christmas, I put my things on lay a way, and don't get them out until the absolute last minute, because I have nowhere to put it all. Basically lay a way is my Christmas storage closet. I guess next year I will be officially screwed. Not to mention I put lots of stuff on lay a way throughout the year. No more. I guess the good old days of lay a way are finally coming to an end, and that my friend is truly Earth shattering news.


mom of 2 said...

I heard that the other day and I couldn't believe it! I heard that instead of lay a way they will be offering a credit that's even close to the same as lay a way!!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love the look of your blog. How did you make your banner and cool Christina font. It is pretty. I love brown. I tried to get a brown on my blog and I couldn't get the right color. That is a shame about lay a way. I used to work at K-Mart for one holiday season and I remember how popular lay a way was.

Jen said...

I cant believe it. Ihave a lay a way at Walmart right now. I have to pay on it has all of Miller's Christmas toys in it. Now what will I do? Maybe K Mart????? Target?????

Lady Laurie said...

Oh no, do they mean all Walmarts?? This is the way we do our Christmas shopping every year! We are especially dependent on Wally World since the BX is gone...I really don't like Walmart but its the only store in town. In fact we have some stuff on layaway for Christmas right now.

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