Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hello, this is God speaking

Have you ever had a moment when God speaks to you loud and clear? Have you figured out yet God has a sense of Humor. Today as I sat down to watch "The View," I decided to have some breakfast. Something fast to prepare and easy to eat with one hand. I decided on Flaming Hot Cheetos and water. At least it wasn't Cheetos and Coke. I already drank a Coke an hour earlier. As I sat down to enjoy my first bite of Cheetos, this is when God spoke. Not in words, but actions.
I put my hand in the bag and as I was pulling out a handful my hand got caught on the bag. I tried to use my hand that was in a cast to hold the bag steady while I pulled out my Cheetos. Of course my water was kind of in the way of the cast and as I maneuvered the cast I toppled the entire glass of water onto the Cheetos bag, wetting most of the Cheetos. This was when I could hear the voice of God saying "Cheetos are not for breakfast." OK, I guess I'll have an apple. Thank you God. I didn't need the Cheetos anyway. Not only have you saved my health, but my waistline also. Isn't God Awesome?


Liz (Looney Mom) said...

Oh funny! I guess that's one way to do it huh?

I want to thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words of encouragement. I'm gonna try to work my blogging into my daily schedule so I can still visit my buddies - even if it's every other day! I'll still be around. You can get rid of me that easily!

Looney Mom

Pretty Lady said...

I visit your blog and I have to say this: no cheetos for breakfast. Nice reading you.

Jen said...

Why werent you drinking coffee? Found a new creamer...Pumpkin Spice....yummy.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

God is GOOD! LOL Wish He'd intervene with me more ;)

Just wanted to tell you that you're CRAZY posting so many comments on my blog! I'm so touched and flattered but PLEASE save your typing fingers! I felt awful thinking of how much work that must have been for you!!!!

Promise just 1 comment next time or I'll have to post less!!!



janice said...

so glad God is speaking!! LOL cheetos for breakfst is just painful!!!

thanks for dropping by and commenting. I really appreciate it considering your injuries!! please type less girl - you must be killing yourself!!!

Barb said...

Wow. Sandra did a great job. This is so pretty. Don't you just love it? Her own sites are so beautiful, too.

Yep. Cheetos are a no no for breakfast. But so is my favorite, cold left over pizza. :-)

Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course