Sunday, September 03, 2006


Why am I showing a picture of my bed while blogging about my move on Tuesday? Because I was thinking today of how much I love my room . You can't see it but above my bed is a Dallas Cowboys border. The two quilts my mom made me are hanging on the headboard. Of course the best one is the Dallas one and the Steelers, well, you know? Now here's the moving part. Even though I love this room, I also love to change things around quite often. Now that I have to move, it will give me a reason to redecorate and to change this room into something else. I will probably keep the general theme, but make small changes here and there. I am always excited to do up everything fresh and new. I love thrifting so I will be able to give away some of my old nick knacks and go on the hunt for some different ones. The hunt is almost as fun as the find for me. My husband says "Oh know, we have to move again? Just another reason for you to shop." He says this jokingly and is nice enough to let me buy what I want and even to let me decorate our room with Cowboy's colors and borders, even though he is a die hard Steelers fan. So that is why I am all excited to move. I am not actually excited to do the move, but to be able to decorate after the move is complete. Another plus is I get to keep all my friends and even have some of them move closer. They are all also being moved into this area, so it works out great for us. I will post the new picture as soon as I finish figuring out what the new room will look like.
another reason I love this room is my bed. My hubby just left for school in Missouri today and this room is like my haven when he is gone. I can curl up at night with a good book or just turn on the tv and watch an old movie when the kids are asleep. Sometimes the kids will jump in with me and we will watch a kids movie and then fall asleep. This is something I will do to pass the time until hubby gets back and then this room becomes ours once again.
By the way this room usually has candles and pictures hanging on the wall, but due to the fact I had to take all of this stuff down for the movers the walls look kind of bare, so you all will have to use your imaginations and picture it in soft lighting with pictures hanging all over.

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Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh I can't wait to see how you change it in your new house. Your room already looks so comfy and cozy. Sadly mine's just a mattress on the floor LOL

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