Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My daughter Vanessa went with Surfin the Nations (a non-profit organization) that feeds the hungry and spreads Christianity, to Bali last July. This year she is going again to Bali and before this in mid June to East Timor. What happens is the East Timor mission which is out of our church and HPU sends about 12 young adults to East Timor in mid June and then they meet with the Surfin the Nations Bali missionaries on July 2nd. They fly from one mission to the other. This year she was asked to go to East Timor and then travel on to Bali. She has decided to do this. I believe there is no greater work then feeding the hungry and spreading the word. I am glad she is willing to go again I will keep everyone posted on the upcoming trip. Here is a clip from last years trip. Just hit the link and play the video on the right that says"Bali Surf trip 2007."


Jen said...

So So cool. Our youth are so great with these mission trips. My sister and brother in law come home 3/12 from Peru....3 long years. They will then serve in the US.

Kim said...

Hey there~
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm enjoying my time reading yours.

What a wonderful outreach your daughter participates in!!! A truly life changing opportunity.

Our daughter, will return home on 3/3 after serving for 6 months with YWAM. She's been in Thailand, and we can HARDLY wait for her to come home.

Have a BLESSED day!

Anonymous said...

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