Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prayer request

My sister Stephanie needs your prayer's right now. You all know she has breast cancer and has had two surgeries so far. She found out that she has MRSA also. They are treating this before starting chemo so please pray that this resolves itself quickly and that she can continue on with her chemo and get back to the business of being a wife and mother without having to worry about what's next. My niece Leah who has epilepsy needs your prayers. Even though she does not have many seizures, she has had some recently and has been in the hospital for testing. Please pray that this is resolved quickly also. Obviously our family has a lot going on including the passing of my mom in June so I am calling out to all my sisters in Christ to stand by me and my family in this storm. I thought my sister would like this video since she likes Disney things.

Father please hear our plea on behalf of my sister and niece and please continue to hear our pleas for our friends out their in need. With you on our side who can be against us. I am trusting in you and putting these needs in your hands. In jesus name I pray Amen.


Cheryl said...


He hears us when we pray. He wants us to request from Him. I shows "we need Him."

God is Good and He wants to Bless Us.

Standing along side you.


Joyfulsister said...

Hi Christina..
(((Hugz My Sistah)) Dear Father I join in with my sister Christina and all the other sisters in Christ as we intercede in behalf of Stephanie. I pray that you place your healing hands upon her and carry her through and allow her to feel your peace and comfort through this journey that she goes through not alone, but with you by her side. Let her feel your presence around her. I pray for Leah as well that you will also place your healing hands upon her. Father these are your daughters and we release everything in your hands for you do all things well, and with you Lord nothing is impossible nor is there anything too hard for you to do. In your precious name we come into agreement in prayer.

Kimberly said...

Sweet Chritstina,
You have stayed on my heart recently. Know that I am praying for you as your husband is in Iraq, and I am also praying for your sister and your neice!
Love and prayers,

Nadine said...

I stand with you in prayer for your sister and your niece. I ask Father that you bring healing to their bodies. I pray Lord, that you would restore them full health and wholeness. I pray Father that Your peace would envelope their families as they stand with them.

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