Sunday, November 23, 2008

Soufflenheim France

Soufflenheim, despite its German name, is a town and commune in North-eastern France, in the Bas-Rhin département, in the Alsace région of France. It is also known for its pottery an is also known as Cité des Potiers

We lived in Germany for 3 years and we went to visit this place in France where we bought the above piece of pottery. Soufflenheim is famous for it's pottery around Europe. I think everyone from my post went there to get some. It is a beautiful little village with an old fashioned bakery with pastries to die for. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds where we had the drive through girls hysterical and then the rest of the kitchen hysterical. Contrary to popular belief they do not speak fluent English and we do not speak French so ordering food was another experience entirely. I did however know how to say Pommes Frites, which is the French word for French fries. Believe me you have never tasted a frie until you've tasted pommes fties. We also enjoyed this place because it was during Christmas when we were able to go to the Christkindlesmarkt (otherwise known as the Christmas Market). The Germans and French set up huge markets where they sell home made Christmas things. They go all out for Christmas. We had a great time and if I ever got the chance to go back and live in Europe I would, but who knows where the Army will take us next. The above pictures are of the town of Soufflenhem and the Christmas Market and my piece of pottery.


Joyfulsister said...

Happy Sunday Christina..
Boy now you are bringing back alot of memories for me when we were staioned in Germany.

Ahh The pommes Fritz and German Ketchup.

Christmas time and the all year round christmas markets.

Ansbach Germany where my husband I surrendered our hearts and lives to the Lord on a cold winters Sunday at a church on base.

Thanks for the memories.

Hugz Lorie

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Blueberry muffins and tea

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