Thursday, January 08, 2009


How do you choose your friends. I like following the same plan that Pastor Warren does. How do you pick your friends? What qualities do you look for? I find most of my friends are Christians. Most of my kids friends are Christians. I guess since I mostly have things in common with other Christians this is why I mostly have Christian friends. What is your opinion on choosing your friends wisely?
Choosing our friends by Rick Warren
The second principle we learn from Samson's life is that we are asking for trouble if we choose the wrong friends. Somebody has wisely said,"if you want to soar with the eagles, you can't run with the turkeys." You will eventually become like people you spend most time with. That is why it is so important to choose your friends wisely. Samson was defeated by bad associations; even though God had chosen him for a special task, he developed unhealthy relationships, and his friends led him astray.
God has a special purpose for each of us, but we get ourselves into trouble when we choose the wrong friends. Here is a challenging question: Do your friends keep you from living 100 percent for God? Do they tear you down, or do they build you up? Do you find yourself having to conform to things you don't like to do? The book of Proverbs warns us over and over again about negative associations. Constant exposure to wrong attitudes and wrong values will eventually take its toll in our lives. It is always easier to pull someone down than lift him up.
What kind of friends should you have? The kind who bring out the best in you, who lift you up, who encourage you, and who make you a better person.


elizabeth embracing life said...

Christina, I have two very good friends who are not Christians. They are perfectly sweet, has the hearts of a servent, and are just decent people. I have been praying for them for years. One has just this month started coming to church with me. She picked up a free Bible, free journal, and free Bible reading guide. She emailed me that she is hungry to read the Bible.

I choose friends based on pretty much what your blog has said, but in choosing non Christian friends it's often best to be like minded in our hearts of kindness and care towards one another. I kind of pray that God brings non Christians into my path so my kids can also see the amazing Glory of God working into the hearts of people.Great Blog.

Nadine said...

A good friend is hard to find, but when you do they are a treasure. I have some friends that are not Christians and I love them where they are. I choose not to participate in any activities that I think would sadden the Father. I liked the guidelines you mentioned. It's wise to make good choices.

Jen said...

Good post. I choose friends at church mostly. I have some neighbors who are great friends as well and 2-3 couples from high school. But we mostly run with church friends. they keep me accountable,

Anonymous said...

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