Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shame on you Alec

I just had to comment on the Alec Baldwin incident. I was so mad when I heard he called his daughter a "rude, little pig" that I would of liked to give Mr. Baldwin a piece of my mind. I was pondering why this incensed me so. It's not like I have never said anything offensive to my children, just not that. I figured out that it was the word pig that really threw me over the edge. Pig is a word that used as slang has a highly offensive connotation. Websters defines pig as a dirty, glutenous, or repulsive person. Usually when someone wants to insult an overweight person they don't resort to using fat, because fat just means, large, or big, or obese. Pig on the other hand takes it to a new level. When someone calls an overweight person fat is just doesn't hold the weight of Pig. If he had called her a rude, little brat, then it would not have bothered me so much. But when a person uses a slur, and don't get me wrong, pig used in this context is most definitely a slur, then I have to wonder how he could not of censored himself. There are certain words, that no matter how mad I get, I just would not say. They are so repulsive to me and this is one of them. He did not use the word pig as in slob, he used it at it's lowest form of insult. Basically meaning repulsive. To me this is strong language indeed. It is the kind of language that people almost never forget. From now on when Mr. Baldwin says something even a little bit insulting people will think almost without a doubt, that he used this word as a weapon.


Barb said...

This whole incident is sad on so many levels, Christina. I was appalled at the language he used with his 11 year old daughter. I've always really respected him as an actor and was really saddened to see this side of him.

I think we all know that his ex wife must have given this to the press. Their custody battle has gone on forever and I'm sure she saw this as a weapon.

The truly heartbreaking thing is that neither one of them has much regard for their daughter. HE used horrible, damaging language and screamed at her. SHE let it go public, probably even MADE it go public.

The fact that everyone in the world has heard Alec's tirade and the awful things he said, and now knows how awful their family dynamic really is, is more harmful to Ireland than the words he used against her.

More than anything, I feel like Ireland got a very short end of the stick when it came to parents.

Sandra said...

It's such a sad incident's horrible that he would resort to such language with his daughter.

Shouldn't they be putting that child first???

I agree with Barb, it's bad enough he calls her names but then his wife lets it go public...that poor child.

Linda said...

I think we have all said things to our children in anger that we regret. However, I do agree with you. His choice of words was just mean - and the whole tone he took was really so threatening. If I were his daughter I would have been frightened to see him again. It is a terrible shame what can happen to children caught in the middle of a messy divorce. I somehow think that was meant for her mother as much as it was for her.
I'm glad you said it. I agree.

Air Force Family said...

This is the first I've heard of this. You can tell how much I watch the news, huh? This is just another reason not to watch it b/c there is never anything nice/positive on it.

I do feel sorry for his daughter in the fact that he spoke to her in that manner. But there is always the possibility that she is the one that gave it to the press.

Looney Mom said...

What a jerk. It makes you wonder what all that little girl has had to endure. So sad.

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