Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh that book!

Yesterday I bought the dvd Evan Almighty from Walmart. I had always wanted to see it. We really enjoyed this movie. It was about a guy who is told by God to build an ark. It is a comedy and a great family movie. When the part came for the animals to board the yacht, Evan just held up his arms and the animals began to board 2 by 2 and my 8 year old Damian got all excited and said "look mom that really happened." I said "yes." and he said "No it really happened that way, we have the book."


Stephanie said...

That movie got terrible reviews by the critics, but Joe and I brought Leah to see it in the theater and thought it was really cute! Glad you guys enjoyed it.

kmom3 said...

Too cute!
We enjoyed this movie, too. I really wasn't expecting too much after the critics panned it, but we had a lot of fun watching it with our girls. And, I was suprised by some of the good stuff I was able to walk away with personally. :)
(Thanks for your comments. You are a blessing)

Beth said...

hee hee hee...The Book! That's adorable!

Anonymous said...

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