Thursday, March 27, 2008

You gotta love Hawaii

For this. When the kids are home and are sick of spring break you can pack up and head a couple miles down the road to the beach. The same beach where all of my kids friends go for spring break. Yesterday we decided to go to the beach. At 1 o'clock I said "who wants to go to the beach?" The rest is history. So instead of hearing "I'm bored" all day, I sat and read 3 magazines and the rest of my book. And ate buffalo flavored Doritos, of course I could of done without the Doritos. So today I decided to go again. Spring break is over on Monday and since this beach is right on Hickam air force base, we might as well take advantage of it. This is basically what we do all summer and all of Fall break and all of Christmas break and of course all of spring break. This is basically why you gotta love Hawaii.

You gotta love the crockpot too. So you can sit at the beach, all of summer and all of Fall break and all of.....well you know what I mean.


kmom3 said...

Oh, how my girls would love to be at the beach! I wouldn't mind myself!!!! :)
Hope you have a super weekend!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

OK OK OK. I can't stand it!! I have beach envy! We are going to Florida in June but I am ready NOW! It just stays so cold here! I will see this photo in my dreams tonight I am sure...

Have a happy weekend,

Sandra said...

I miss the beach, I can't wait to see it again soon.


Ann(ie) said...

OH. I am SOOOOOO extremely jealous!!! I live in Seattle and so much for Spring. We got a ton of snow today. ug. Can I please come and visit????

Jen said...

That is Air Force Base we almost were stationed at actually we were in 1994 but our orders were changed last minute. It is so pretty there. Maybe one day we can visit Hawaii. Such a beautiful enjoy it while you are's so expensive now to fly out there. We love the ocean....and crock pots.

Shari said...

Congratulations on being stationed in Hawaii. What a great experience it must be for your family. I could sure enjoy it there. I feel like I must live in one of the coldest places on Earth.

Beth said...

Awesome!! Your kids have got to be in hog heaven!

Pinklani said...

Oh, how I wish we were in Hawaii, this year for Spring Break.
Since my hubby works for the airlines we opted to head to the slopes in Utah instead.
We just did not feel like sitting in the airport on standby longer than we had too.

So this summer we might be over your way. It is one of my families favorite places to be.

My toes are ready to feel the warm Hawaii sand, however for now I will just settle for a mango here in Ohio.


Carol said...

Oh, I am soooo jealous!!! Sigh, I would love to be at the beach right now. Our spring break doesn't start until next week, but we're still not going to the beach. Too far. Closest one is about five/six hours. Can I come visit????

Anonymous said...

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