Wednesday, February 11, 2009

cell phone mishap

After walking my three mile morning walk a few days ago I put my shorts in the wash and later realized that I had washed my pink razr phone. After drying it out for a few days I found out it was toast so I went over to Verizon to pick a new phone. I did not come home with a phone since I liked two of them and now can't decide which one to get. I am going to try to decide by Friday if any one has any suggestions. The two phones I am choosing between are the Sway and the Decoy. I am a little bent toward the decoy because it has a built in bluetooth (very convenient), but the Sway is prettier and it is kind of a neat phone. So far I just can't seem to decide. I must admit I went to the Verizon store to look at the sway and see if I liked it, but I made the mistake of bringing my 16 year old son, who picked up the Decoy and said "look mom this one comes with a bluetooth built in." "Gee thanks Brandon." Now I like two phones.


Nadine said...

It's hard to choose which phone to get. It depends if you use a bluetooth then it would be good to get the Decoy.

I haven't seen either phone, so I'm not much help. Let us all know which you decide.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Bummer you washed your cell phone! But good for you for taking a 3 mile walk!!! And I always take my cell phone with me when I walk/jog also. I would go with bluetooth, hand free technology for when you are out walking! :)

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