Monday, August 29, 2011

busy blogger

I have been so busy with getting the three boys ready for school. Supplies, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, etc. It's been crazy so no blogging for awhile. Also there has been an injury in my husbands unit so prayer's are needed. The soldier is doing well so that is the good news. We have been set up to make meals for the family. Any good ideas. I am going to make a chicken cordon bleu casserole!


Mari said...

Glad the soldier is doing well. I have a recipe I use often when bringing meals. Our family loves it and it makes 2 pans so you can use one for your family and take one away, plus it freezes well! Here's a link if you're interested:

Renee said...

Definitely sounds like you are busy! Glad to hear that the soldier in your husban'ds unit is doing well. My family loves this crockpot dish and it's easy to make:

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