Wednesday, May 28, 2008


entitlement (plural entitlements)

  1. the right to have something
  2. something that one is entitled to (or believes that one is entitled to)
I was reading in Newsweek an article titled "The End of Entitlement." I was thinking that the cut backs I will have to make because of souring food and gas prices are really not cut backs at all. The article stated 70% of households have 2 or more cars, and a similar share have satellite or cable tv. 66% have high speed internet. And 42% already have a flat screen tv, Thirty years ago no one's parents had this kind of inventory. I thought "we have all this stuff." "Most of my friends have all this stuff." It's not like we didn't save for it, and it's not like it didn't take a lot of hard work and time, but I realized we really don't need all this stuff. Making sacrifices does not seem all that hard a pill to swallow when I realize that we own many things that were not even possible to own many years ago and in most parts of the world they don't own all of these things. I believe the belief that we are entitled to things is what makes most people fear high gas and food prices. Once we can get over the fact that these possessions are not entitlements then the rest comes easy. I'm thinking that maybe we are a bit spoiled in the US. Maybe this time of high prices is a good lesson from above not to take the things we are given or enabled to purchase for granted. Maybe the country that goes by "In God we Trust," should wake up and smell the coffee."

That's my speech, in case I ever decide to run for president.


kmom3 said...

Oh, my. We certainly do have a sense of entitlement in this country. We deserve this and we deserve that. Sigh. It is such an easy trap to slip into. We miss out on how truly blessed we are...not because of the stuff. The stuff is what blinds us from seeing the true blessings.

You're right. The gas and food prices may force all of us to reevaluate what truly matters!
Great post today! I think I will vote for you in the upcoming election! :)

Jen said...

The blessings we have in our own home are missed every day.

I'd vote for you.

tiger said...


Blueberry muffins and tea

Made some blueberry muffins and had some with tea on Rae Dunn pottery of course