Saturday, May 24, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

I am a huge American Idol fan and an even huger Chris Daughtry fan (is huger even a word?) I thought I would post this video that Daughtry did in honor of our troops for Memorial Day.

PS Also check out Amy's tribute to Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. May God be with them in their time of need. You have to scroll down a few posts, but it is really nice.


Amy Wyatt said...

Love this song by Chris Daughtry too and a perfect video for Memorial Day. Thanks for sharing it.

kmom3 said...

Oh, my. What a perfect Memorial Day post. My heart breaks for those missing their loved ones...because of distance or loss. Thank you for your husband's service to our country and for your loving support of him!

(And a note on your comment to me...we don't even OWN fingerpaint! How sad is that? I may have to go buy my girls some!)

Love and blessings,

Rebecca said...

Great song and video. Thanks for posting it.

Tanja said...

Christina, I love this song. My dad retired from the Air Force years ago, but I can't hear stuff like this or go through holiday weekends like this one without getting weepy and thinking about our soldiers! Praise God for them!

Kelley said...

This is a perfect song and video for Memorial Day. I really enjoyed it! Isn't this a great meme!

Also, Happy Birthday to your kids, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!! And your son is too cute (although I don't know if that is the appropriate thing to tell a 9 year old boy)LOL.

I hope you had a good weekend.. And I hope your mom is doing well!


Anonymous said...

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