Friday, May 09, 2008

Princess kai'lie and winter

Here she is at the zoo with with the proof on her face that she had enjoyed her watermelon.

  1. The usually coldest season of the year, occurring between autumn and spring, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox, and popularly considered to be constituted by December, January, and February.
  2. A year as expressed through the recurrence of the winter season.
  3. A period of time characterized by coldness, misery, barrenness, or death.
My daughter was laughing while she was here and when I asked what that was all about she said "every time you say winter it makes me laugh. What do you people call winter?" Okay so maybe it is hot and sunny all year, but we have winter. If you spend 7 months out of the year in 85 degree weather then the other 3-5 months in 70 degrees then that's winter. Just ask my car. When I go out to the bus stop in the morning in Dec. my windows have frost on them. Yah frost. Of course an hour later it's 75 and sunny and every kid dressed in sweatshirts and jackets has now shed them for t-shirts and shorts. Do you all know what 70 degrees feels like when you spend most of your time baking on the beach at a hot 85? Just ask my kids who were at the beach and when the sun went down were saying "I'm freezing," Okay maybe freezing is a bit much, but I had goose bumps. Probably the easiest way to define winter in Hawaii is : when the kids are in school it's winter, when they are out it's summer. There that's it. Winter-Summer, or at least that's what we tell ourselves.


Peggy said...

This is so precious!

But watermelon is definitely for summer!

Christine, I am so glad you shared with me about Hillsong's Christine Caine because I've now added her in my Favorites and soon will on my blog...with her campaign of A21!Thanks for the visit and blessing me with another concerned sister in the Lord! God bless your Winter and Mum's Day!

I agree with your winter definition and I live in Mexico through winter and summer! And their summers are too HOT! Peggy

Jen said...

You can quit bragging I wish we had 85 degree weather all year. Although I do enjoy our annual snowfall.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a blessing to me :o) I so appreciate you and your dedication to praying for the request that come our way!!! Have a wonderful weekend there in Hawaii!!!

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