Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation class of 2008 Radford High School

At the top me, dad, and Vanessa. Middle: Vanessa's friends from Surfing the Nations (tall guy with video cam filming for Surfing the Nations. Bottom: Mr. Stevens congratulating Vanessa after receiving her diploma (Radford's principal who is retiring this year).

All in all the graduation was a success. There is plenty of room since they hold it at Aloha Stadium. The event was at 6:00 pm so by 6:30 it was a cool 70 degrees. Perfect. I told my hubby it must be bad luck if it rains at your graduation in Hawaii. He asked why. "Well Einstein it never rains on the last week in May and it hasn't at the last 20 Radford graduations so if it does what do you think that means?"

About the beach toys? I really don't know. I always say "why are the graduates getting tubes," and my kids ask "well what did you get?" Not beach toys. I told my daughter that Darrian (my 4 year old) is going to really want to graduate when he sees all the beach toys you get. Another funny thing, the lei-ing, as they call it. I asked "why don't you call it presenting of the lei?" The response: too long. I think she ended up with at least 15, some flower, some candy, and some toiletries for Bali which her friend Mel made. These kids make leis out of anything. Who knew you could get a toiletry lei.


Jen said...

So cool. I love high school graduations...My high school graduation is tonight at the football field...I'm going to see Sex and the City. I dont know anyone graduating.

Carol said...

Yeah Vanessa!! Too cute! I love the beach toys. Hawaii sounds like so much fun! :)

kmom3 said...

Nope...I didn't get any beach toys when I graduated. No toiletry leis either! :)

Way to go, Vanessa! Happy graduation!

And thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in this crazy license mess, Christina! :) And thanks for sharing about the fun you have with your kids!

Have an awesome week!

Blueberry muffins and tea

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