Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Honest things I love.....

I have been given an award called the Honest Award. My dear friend Rebecca at The Washington Walkers is the blogger who awarded me with this. I really enjoyed reading her's and I hope mine will be almost as fun. I have to write 10 honest things about myself and then pass it along to 5 bloggers. So here goes.

#1. I love being a wife and a mom. Same as Rebecca. I never had the urge to go to college, have a career, travel, or anything else. I just always wanted to be wife and mom. That's it. Plain and simple. I loved it yesterday and today and I am sure tomorrow.
#2. I love Christian contemporary music. I have to admit that I usually pick a church based not only on their teachings, but a little bit on their ability to play all the contemporary music.
#3. Reading. Anything and everything.
#4. I love TV. I know that's horrible. I watch most of it while the kids are in bed. It's kind of a vice. What can I say. Prison Break, Fringe, House, Ghost Whisperer...etc.
#5. I love Gevalia and French Vanilla creamer. I have to order my coffee. I can't help it. Okay it's another guilty pleasure.
#6. I love Hawaii, but who doesn't. I'm just lucky enough to live here right now.
#7. I love The Dallas Cowboys, I love The Dallas Cowboys, I love the Dallas Cowboys, Did I say I love the Dallas Cowboys.
#8. I love Addson Road. If you haven't heard this group yet, you don't know what your missing. Especially her songs like "what do I know of Holy."
#9. I love Target. I haven't been to one in 7 years, because we don't have one, but they are opening one in February, here, in Hawaii, 15 minutes walking distance from my house.
#10. I love chocolate. Especially Dove or Hershey's.
Now for the 5 people I pick...
I'm not sure I can choose 5 so if you want to play along go ahead and play. Please let me know cause this was a fun one.


Beverly said...

great list, you don't happen to love the Dallas Cowboys do you?

boutcrazy said...

Sounds like we have some of the same likes. Several years ago when we lived in Dallas, my husband taught one of the players how to box. He was huge. My husband was also a bodyguard for the cheerleaders when they came into Florida for a promotion. We have several of their calendars around and they all signed one of his boxing posters. Needless to say...the Cowboys are top around here too.

Cheryl said...


Great answers.

Hoping you are having a grand time today. What a day/event to celebrate. The birth of our Lord Jesus.

Have a very Merry Christmas!


lin said...

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