Friday, December 19, 2008

Pearl Harbor Kai winter songfest

Dominic Jr. underneath kid with green t-shirt.
This was the kids songfest. There are a bunch of pictures and clips for dad in Iraq. The kids did We Wish you A Merry Christmas while the sixth grade played the Ukulele. That was pretty neat. Darrian bought his teachers Christmas present home and said she didn't want it. When I told him I was going to call her he told me not too. It seems he wanted her gift. Oh well it was better then telling me the other day that I couldn't bring tacquitos to the Christmas party because Miss Ikeno says you can only bring cake. Oh and pizza. But that's it.


Nadine said...

I bet dad will love the clips and pictures since he's so far from home.

I have I told you before how awesome your husband and all his buddies are and grateful I am for what they do for a living.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Very fun and authentic. I love the picture.

gadgets and apps

So many cool things for the older generation...not that I am that old yet....but can they please get names that don't make the older pee...