Monday, December 22, 2008


This is what it looks like in Washington. My daughter is the General Manager of Denny's up by Seattle and she has had servers sleeping there for a few nights since they cannot get home. Some hills on the highway and roads have been closed like the one in front of her restaurant. She has her daughter up with her friend farther north and hasn't been able to go get her for a few days for fear of not making it up that far. Some of the passes have been closed and one's like Steven's pass, although open, it is advisable not to travel through. More snow is expected up until Wednesday. So whoever asked for a white Christmas....well I guess you got it. Anyway please pray for the people who are stranded and the people who are loosing electric and water and whatever else. If you want to read more HERE is an article.


Nadine said...

I use to live on the other side of the mountains in WA. Those passes are rough during this time of the year. I will pray she can get her daughter safely.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl praying for them. That cannot be a fun situation especially just a few days before Christmas.

Much love,

boutcrazy said...

We forgot how bad other people have it when we don't normally get the bad weather. Praying for you daughter and for the travelers to have a safe journey home and to find lights on and warmth when they get there.

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