Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to me?

No it's not my birthday until February, but my husband keeps asking me what I want. Usually I don't want anything, I'd rather go with him to pick something out, like at the bookstore. This year I was watching Oprah and since I am into Method cleaning supplies, the environmental friendly stuff, I was excited to see Shaklee offer a discount for their green starter kit. I excitedly called Dominic at work and said "I know what I want for my birthday," He asked me what it was and I said "I want the kit from Shaklee that has all the cool cleaning supplies in it. In fact it is being offered for only $89.00." He said ''You want me to buy you cleaning supplies for your birthday?" Duh, didn't I just say that. He said "I'll buy you those anyway, now what do you really want?" I can't believe he is not as excited by cleaning products as I am so I tell him how they are environmental friendly and how the kids won't have to smell toxic products in their house and how everything will smell fresh and natural. Silence. He doesn't seem to register this as more than a 0 on the excitement scale of 1-10. Oh well I tried and yes I still want cleaning supplies for my birthday.

PS Please disregard the comment left on the previous post by Pops Ct. They are just the old folks with nothing better to do!!! Yes that would be you mom and dad!


Jen said...

You want cleaning supplies when I want cooking appliances......are we normal?

lin said...

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