Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home (long)

I am only publishing these because I have a few family and friends who want to see our new military housing in Hawaii. You can peak if you like or just skip. 1st picture kitchen with computer area and laundry room. 2nd picture reading area (we call it the library but we haven't gotten around to putting shelving in yet) next to the kitchen, 3rd picture dining room, 4th picture kitchen taken from the dining area, 5th picture living room taken from top floor.


Rebecca said...

I am soooooooo envious of your really, really cool popcorn popper. It's my dream popper. And I love your looks so clean and open. How long have you lived in Hawaii?

Denise said...

Really lovely home.

Jen said...

Your home is very nice. I love your hardwood floors. When I lived on post we had awful tile that was sooo cold. I hope you are holding up. I'm still praying from Ky..hugs.

ocean mommy said...

Your home looks great! And oh my goodness!! LOVE the popcorn popper! SO fun. HAWAII!! I guess that is one cool place to be stationed! :)

We had some wonderful neighbors growing up and he was a retired air force colonel. They lived all over the world and had the coolest stories. I just loved going into their home and seeing all the stuff they collected from the countries they lived in.

Thanks for sharing

Carol said...

I love your home!!! It is so fun to see where people live. It looks like a great place with lots of room!

Anonymous said...

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