Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just a few friends to keep in your prayers

I was very thankful for the many of you who prayed for my mom and continue to pray for the many in need that we have met through the blogs. I just wanted to make you all aware of some of the prayers that are needed out there.
Charla's friends who were in a 4 wheeler accident. Actually one little girl only 2 years old already passed away.
Kim's dad who's having a ballooning/stent procedure on his heart and who also has cancer.
Liz who's husband was recently diagnosed with Chron's.
Cheryl who has a few requests for her family members in need.


Jen said...

Yes I will be praying for them. I'm still praying for your mom and you girl.

Cheryl said...

Hey Christina,

Thanks for asking prayer for my family!

How's your Mom doing? I have heard only good things about Sloan.

Jan is off chemo and after tonight the other meds that go with her clinical trial to let her body have a chance to recover. She's feeling better already.

They are flying back to M.D. Anderson Monday evening for a 6:30 a.m. MRI Spec Tues and then see her oncologist at 9:30 Wednesday morning and then flying back and then her son is getting married Friday night. A busy week.

We just have to place our trust in God. We don't know the future, but he does. There is a new vaccine they have developed with great results for brain cancer.

Her church deacons came and prayed with Jan, Gerald and my Mom yesterday. She has an awesome church.

Take care!

Looney Mom™ said...

Thank you Christina; I am humbled and touched by your request for prayer on our behalf. It means so much more than you know.

And knowing that you come by and visit and leave words of encouragement when I've been the lamest blogger in the sphere lately and don't visit you like I would like to, makes it even more special.

God bless you.

Cheryl said...


Here is a poem, thought you might enjoy:

God Heals

Remember when you heard the words-

and your mind went blank-you were in another world

God heals

Remember in your darkest hours-

when all that surrounds you is pain and sorrow

God heals

Remember friends' prayers-your family's encouragement

~glimmers of HOPE from everyday angels

God heals can hear them now-

always there-yet never this close

God heals

It's just another day-

Yet everything has changed-and you hear yourself say

God heals

Birds are singing-

the sky is a beautiful blue-flowers are blooming..

God heals

Truths that you knew as a child-

awakened again with new understanding

God heals

Remember when other's can't-

that life is a gift-each day to treasure

God Has Healed

~Author Unknown

elizabeth embracing life said...

Definately lifting up these requests. When ever I read of prayer requests I put them on a post-it and stick them to my frig. where I can just send up a prayer each time I pass by the frig.

Anonymous said...

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