Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I spent my morning at Oahu's first Target. It was so fun to go shopping in Target after 7 years. I used to live close to one in Washington but it's size did not compare to this one which Target says is on of their biggest. Here is what the morning was like:Target Opens To Lines On Oahu
Discount Retailer To Face Off With Wal-Mart, Kmart

HONOLULU -- About 200 people lined up at the Salt Lake location and more than 1,000 turned out in Kapolei for the opening of the first Target Stores in Hawaii on Wednesday morning.

The discount store chain is opening at Salt Lake and in Kapolei on Wednesday.

The couple hundred people in line at the site of the former Costco near Radford High School poured into the store at 8 a.m.

It is one of the biggest stores of the 1,699 nationwide, Target officials said. The chain is now in all states except Vermont.

Some shoppers said they waited years for Target to open.

"It's affordable, it's hip. I think they have really good buyers," shopper Kristi Mapes said.

The openings come at a time when Hawaii needs jobs. The two locations hired a little under 1,000 employees.

Employees said they are enjoying their new jobs.

The Hawaii stores will feature big swimsuit sections that will be sold year round. They will also have an "aloha shop" featuring Hawaiiana gifts and foods, surfboards and other local favorites.

During the recession consumers are switching to cheaper stores. However, Target's fourth quarter profits plunged 41 percent compared to Wal-Mart slipping 7 percent.

The company said it is giving more shelf space to food, healthcare and beauty items and will make sure costumers know about its low prices.

"We need to continue to focus on our value statements, bring in exciting product," Target Store manager Denise Lint said.

Some shoppers said they plan to compare prices at Target to the two established big box retailers Wal-Mart and Kmart.

Many bought their share of SPAM on sale for $1.50.


Nadine said...

I hear SPAM is big in Hawaii.

Target is a nice store. I'm sure everyone will enjoy having it there. I like that they have special sections geared towards Hawaii.

Technonana said...

I love to shop in Target!! When ours moved out near us, Papa teased me that he needed to buy stock in Target so he could get some of his money back!! LOL!
Drop by and visit, you've been tagged!!

Anonymous said...

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