Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodye Jeremy Sherwood

Yesterday a soldier on Army Wives was killed in action. The episode was heart breaking yet so well done. Normally I would not watch something like this with my husband being deployed, but I've watched the show since day one and I wasn't going to miss this episode. Apparently in the following weeks the death of Jeremy will cause the wives to question everything they believe in. I think this has to be done. In fact since I have been at Ft. Lewis there have been many of us wives in my neighborhood and their kids who have questioned their beliefs. You see there is a lady around the corner from me who lost her first husband in Iraq. My son's play with her daughter. Her daughter is only 13 and an Atheist. She told me she lost her faith when her dad was killed. IT saddens me when I pass her SUV parked in front of her house all the time and on the back is a magnet that says "we love our hero Sgt. So and so," that was her dad There isn't a day that this doesn't impact me. Then their is my sons friend who lives next door. His dad was wounded in Iraq and has very little use of his arms. We have become friends with both families. Both families go to our church. What they have gone through is more then anyone should have to. My hat goes off to Army Wives for not only portraying the death of Jeremy accurately, but of following up on the impact of his death in weeks to come. Was anyone else affected by this show, especially this episode? I know my friend Sandra (Diary of a stay at home mom) was because the episode barely ended and we were chatting about it on facebook. I could tell that it was heart wrenching for her too. She is also a military wife and Knows many others in the military. So I think for us it was just a little too close to home. So with tears in my eyes I will finish this post.


Pamela said...

It was a very tough episode to watch but I agree with you, it was very well done.

Shelly said...

I cried my eyes out the entire hour of the show. I almost didn't want to watch it because it was going to hit too close to home with this most recent deployment, but I've watched the show every week, I needed to see it. I agree they did it exceptionally well for a television portrayal of such a situation. Because this situation has been a reality in our unit during this past year, I cannot get the show out of my mind even this morning. So yes, I would say I was deeply affected by this episode.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...


Mari said...

I thought this show looked good, but I haven't watched it because I saw that scene on an ad and I knew I would be a mess if I watched it.

Nadine said...

Those types of shows always make me cry too.

(I answered your question on my blog - but I'll let you know that it keeps well in a Ziploc in the vegetable bin.

Tonya said...

I loved how the show was done because it showed pretty much the whole process (the roll call, flight back home, notification, going over paperwork, fiance' getting ignored because she's not next of kin, burial, private emotions, etc)

I boo-hoo cried the whole time. I was a mess after watching it.

The world needs to see this so that they can have compassion and understanding of what military families go through. I actually think it would be nice for members of congress to watch it... ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Bloom Beloved said...

I am up at nearly 1 in the morning after having watched this episode on Netflix. I love the show "Army Wives"; I think it is one of the most well-written shows on TV and I have watched many shows and this is bar none the most heart wrenching, tear jerking episode I have ever seen on television. The realism and accurate portrayal of what it is like to have a relative or friend taken away from you due to the war was dead on, dead center accurate. It was horrible but yet I am happy I got to feel the emotion that goes with it. No mother or father should ever have to lose a child. And Jeremy Sherwood was such a likable character, with his positive attitude, smile that could light up a room, and respect, allegiance, and love for family. Wow, is all I can say. I am going to bed but thank you for this post and to the author of this blog I would love for you to send me a personal note at and follow up with a little response and dialogue. It helps to talk to someone about it and thats why I looked up comments online. Cheers and blessings. Bloom

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