Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dad is deploying tomorrow night so we have been having a bit of fun as a family. We went to the IHOP last night for dinner, which was fun, except for the fact that my hubby chose chocolate chip pancakes and was not happy when he ended up with chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. I told him to try the Cinn-a-stack, which my good friend Pamela recommended, Thanks Pamela, but he stuck with his old favorite, except for his old favorite doesn't include the pancakes being chocolate too. That's why you should always read the description before making your choice. I'll have to say the Cinn-a-stack was to die for though. Tonight we are going to the Red Robin and surely we will all be reading the hamburger description's before making our choices.

Can we all say YUMM-O!!!!!!


Mari said...

Hi Christina,
Thanks for stopping at my blog.
My son is also in the army and went to Afghanistan a month ago. It's hard to see them go, but my husband and I said it has to be harder for the wives and kids.
So - thanks to your husband for defending our country and thanks to you and your family for supporting him and being without him when he is gone.

Susanne said...

Hi Christina. Thanks for the blog visit. You have a nice little place here yourself! Saying a prayer for you and your family in the coming days. So nice that you were able to spend family time together.

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