Friday, March 18, 2011

Milspouce Friday

Join us for MilSpouse Friday Fill-in over at Wife of a Sailor

1. What are some of your ideas for staying connected with family…you know, those people we moved thousands of miles away from? Skype. Also I keep my blog so my husband can look at it any time he gets the chance and so can my relatives and friends. This keeps them up to date on our lives past and present.
2. What’s the most romantic gift you have GIVEN? My hubby always try to buy me red roses on my birthday and Valentines day. I find red roses very romantic.
3. Would you encourage your child, if they came to you and wanted to join the military? Yes. I would encourage my children in any path they want to take. I have a son in college now who plans on enlisting in the air force afterward.
4. What is your least favorite bill to pay and why? Cell phone. we all have a phone and the bill is high and we barely have any services. I can't imagine what it would be if we all had internet capabilities.
5. What is the proudest moment you’ve had as a military spouse? So many I wouldn't know what to put. I'm always proud of the men and women in uniform. They really impress me.


Pamela said...

Hi there! I love this meme and glad to see you're joining in. I didn't know Brandon was thinking about the Air Force - good for him!

Sarah Ruth said...

I know how you feel about cell phone bills! My husband and I are still on my parent's plan right now and Thank God for that! What service do you have?

Stopping by from Friday Fill-In!

Nadine said...

Great answers. I agree with your last statement about being proud of the men and women who are in uniform. I'm grateful for their sacrifice and the sacrifice their families make.

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