Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hawaii beats Purdue 42-35

Last night my son went to the Hawaii vs Purdue football game which wasn't supposed to be a win for us, but it was. We are very lucky to have a quarterback like Colt Brennen playing for us. My son and his friend were very excited when they got home. It was such a close game and Hawaii finally pulled it off. As you can see most of us here like football. We don't have an NFL team here in Hawaii but we have the college team. We live in walking distance from the stadium. In fact my son has walked to the last two pro bowls. That's about it for news today.

Today I will put up my lights for Christmas on the outside of my house and at the end of this week I will go buy a Christmas tree. They are in from the mainland and the parking lots of all the major stores are putting them out. The one store close to my house seems to have the freshest ones so I think I will try this. Soon it will be time to shop. I have to shop for Christmas presents and my son Dominic Jr.'s birthday which falls on Dec. 20. He will be 9 and is having a Mexican party. We are renting a water slide. We usually do something like this since how often will he get to have a water party when he is born in Dec. Only in Hawaii. We take advantage of this fact. He wants pinata and nachos and party bags with candy from Mexico thanks to my daughter Kira. Her hubby is Mexican and went with her to the Mexican store to pick out all sorts of authentic Mexican candies for the party bags. I will post pictures when the party is over. We will probably be having it on Dec. 16.

Have a great week everyone and I will try to post a little more often. With hubby getting ready to leave for Iraq on the 4th we are very busy getting his stuff ready and spending time with him. I'm sure though when he is gone and I don't have him to do things with when the kids are in bed I will be on the blogs quite often.


Linda said...

Congratulations on the win!! We don't have a pro team here either, but high school football is just fanatical!!
My heart is with you as you prepare for husband to go to Iraq. Please know that he and your family will be in my prayers. Please thank him for his service. I cannot tell you how much I honor and respect him for what he does for our country.
Enjoy the day.

Looney Mom said...

Football rules! Indeed you should be spending time with your soldier. Thank you both for your sacrifices!

janice said...

oh to be in Hawaii!! as you can see from ly post tonight, we are definitely NOT in Hawaii!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh a mexican party sounds like so much fun! Sarah's gonna have a hayride ponyride party but the weather here is a wee bit cooler ;)



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