Friday, November 03, 2006

Random update

I saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday and he says my wrist bones are all healed. I still have soreness but not much. I am about 80% back to normal. The doctor says I can go ahead and skate next week, I will let you all know how that goes.

Darrian had a meeting at child psychology and he did well. Acted like his usual crazy self. The psychologist recommended they test his hearing. I told him he can hear, but he is ignoring you. Sure enough he passed hearing with flying colors. I am trying to get him ready for school since they start early here,age 4, and he just started preschool this summer. If he gets into this program here he will begin all day preschool so that he can be ready for Kindergarten.

Hubby is getting ready to leave, but he is going to get 14 days off so that is good news. Of course with the Army anything can change and that could be cut short, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Tonight is pizza night where I make homemade pizzas for the family. I use Sandra's recipe form her cooking blog. It is fast and easy and yumm-o. The kids love pizza night because we all watch something together and it gives us bonding time. Of course my 16 year old Vanessa is at youth group for church, but we do another night during the week so that she gets to enjoy it too. If we are really brave we stay up late and when she gets home we do it then. The kids loving staying up late.

Sandra did holiday traditions on her blog, but I missed it. I wanted to share one with you. At the end of Nov. we go to the library and get some Christmas themed books, then we pull out some old ones from home, and then we pick 24 that we will read. We will read one each night until Dec. 25 is here. I also read that one woman wraps the books in Christmas wrap so that they pick one every night, but they don't know which one it will be. It sounds kind of fun like this. Anyway go on over to Sandra's blog and check out Nov. 1st post for other peoples holiday traditions.

One more tip, for all your readers out there Sandra also has a book blog that I love, Reading Nook. Check it out here.

As for me I am going over to check out some of my favorite blogs right now. Over the next few weeks I will tell you all about my other favorite bloggers and why I love their blogs so stay tuned.


Barb said...

Is this skating something serious with you? I thought you were just kind of messing around with the kids and fell and hurt your wrist but it sounds like you're going right back out. I must have missed something somewhere. Boy, I hope you don't reinjure that wrist!

I haven't tried Sandra's pizza yet but I've seen a lot of great comments about it so I'd better give it a try.

And I had no idea she had a food blog. I need to start looking at people's sidebars. I can't begin to imagine where that girl finds all the energy she has. Three blogs to maintain! My one and only blog is almost more than I can handle. LOL

This is a nice post. I love random catch-up things like this.

Linda said...

That is great news about your wrist, but please be careful skating :-)
I hope your husband can get all those days. My husband was only in the army for a brief time, but I remember how precious every day was that he was home.
Have a great weekend.

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you're wrist is doing better, but just be careful and don't push it, would hate for you to get hurt again :)

I'm glad you enjoy my pizza, it's really good isn't it???

Thank you for mentioning my book blog, I realize I haven't updated it in so long, I really need to get in there because I've read a few good books that I want to post reviews for :)

Have a beautiful night Chris, sending you big hugs :)


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

HOORAY for your wrist! I'm so pleased you're healing well.

That book tradition sounds amazing! I'm definitely gonna get in on that one! Thanks for sharing it!!!

Thanks for all the links.. I definitely want to try the pizza dough recipe!



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