Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hawaiian Waters

Yesterday me and my friend and her kids took a ride to Hawaiian Waters water park here on Oahu. My friend has season's passes and kept telling me how awesome the park was, but until yesterday I had never gone. I am so glad we did. The kids had a great time and so did their moms. My 16 year old daughter felt like lounging most of the day at the kiddie pools, the wave pool, and the lazy river, while me and my friend Tracey went on all the rides, several times. The park is not too big and was not crowded at all. My favorite ride was a slide that was enclosed in a tube and your rode little raft like tubes down it. It was pitch black all the way down so you had no idea if you were up or down or whatever. My daughter later told my hubby that we were like two kids running all over the place going on rides. We all really did have a blast. We packed a cooler and ate at the picnic area which is directly in front of the park and off of the parking lot. Not only is the walk short, but the area was clean and well kept. We spent from 10:30 opening time until 4:30 closing time. I am definitely going to grab some season's passes which with our military ID cards make them quite a deal. Only one event took place that was heart stopping. While in the kiddie pool all of a sudden the life guards started frantically blowing their whistles and yelling for everyone to get out of both kiddie pools, while they all started heading for one spot in front of one of the pools. My daughter said "Oh my God it's a baby." They seemed to be working frantically on this baby until some of the people realized it was a doll. Apparently for their drills a doll is thrown into the pool sometime during the day and they see how long it takes the lifeguards to spot it and rescue it. I told everyone that they were so quick at least we know if your going to need a rescue do it here. My daughter commented on it by saying that it was a little bit too realistic. Of course today we were all worn out so it was nice to just sit and watch my Cowboys beat the Colts.


Stephanie said...

They do that at our local water park too, but haven't ever witnessed it! BTW, thanks for all the advice you have been giving to Mom & Dad about Leah's condition. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't my identity show up? Blogger drives me nuts!!
- your sister Stephanie @

Pamela said...

We love waterparks! Aren't they a blast! The best thing is all the good excercise you get going up and down those ladders with those rafts! lol I was a senior certified lifeguard. I can't believe they do that! That would scare people I would think! Funny how things change! lol

Glad you had such a wonderful time! We are all kids at heart! *smile*

Jen said...

Must be nice...waterparks in was 39 here heat is on and we all are wearing our BIG coats as Madison calls them. Glad you had fun....

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

YIKES.. ok that would freak me out.. they might want to warn people.. I mean what if someone had had something like that in their past and had to relive it for a drill?

Other than that though sounds like a great water park! I bought Zoo memberships last year just for the splash pads! LOL



Looney Mom said...

How fun to go and play like a kid! Good for you!

And whoa! on that baby thing. I would have probably puked. That's good though that they do the drills to keep their skills up just in case!

booklogged said...

What fun! I haven't been swimming in years. I have respect for others and so wouldn't want them to have to look at me in a swimsuit. I've always wanted to go on a water slide. Maybe someday I'll get brave enough.

And to be swimming in Nov. What a treat.

Blueberry muffins and tea

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