Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Like I need more books

First mistake, I went to the library today to look for a book. Second mistake, checked out two books, walked over to the BXtra, air force term for store similar to Wal-Mart, and bought another book. For someone like me, who has at least 500 to be read books, why would I need more. I had to buy Beverly Lewis's book "The Brethren," because I just finished the first two of the series and just had to have the third. Picked up "One Tuesday Morning" by Karen Kingsbury on several recommendations from my blog friends, and then on the way out spotted "House" by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. House is a scary book, sometimes I need a little dose of fright. Last mistake, having three books and trying to figure out which to read first. Any suggestions. That my friends was basically what I did today. Of course this is after grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, homework, etc.

Last but not least I can't leave hubby out. Since he has been on leave we have been having a lot of fun. Today in fact I found a little tidbit in my magazine that stated Pluto is no longer a planet. Hubby pondered this for quite awhile. He says if it revolves around the sun it's supposed to be a planet. The International Astronomical Union says Pluto isn't a planet because its orbit overlaps with Neptune's-under new guidelines, orbits have to clear all 0ther objects. So now there are only 8 planets. What do you think hubby said when I showed him the article with proof of the official dumping of Pluto? He said "so what does that mean. Pluto is nothing. Non existent." To this I replied .................................."Who Cares." Apparently hubby cares. He thinks this is stupid and you can't just oust a planet. I think hubby is bored. He loves his job and now we all know why.

My 14 year old son was reading this over my shoulder and he says Pluto is a moon. I said no it's not. Brandon says yes it is. I say not according to the International Astronomical Union. Brandon says he doesn't care Pluto is a moon and someday we will all be enlightened to this fact. Hurry someone better let the Astronomical guys know. Why? Because Brandon says so, that's why.


Pamela said...

Christina, My hubby was bothered by this too. I must say I find it a bit bothersome to know they can just erase the statis of a planet too. A whole planet, as if it was a figment of our imagination...a blooper! lol

You both sound like you have enjoyed your hubby's leave and like your cute nick name for the Base Exchange! lol

Kathleen Marie said...

It is nice to read of another book lover, consumer... I am always on the lookout. I think I have built in radar or something.

I use to love to shop at the BX. It was cheaper than WalMart. Don't know if it is today though but after Dad retired we'd take our two hour trip to Bellevue, near Omaha and shop 'til we dropped. Fun!

That is sad about Pluto but it wouldn't surprised me if the decision was reversed.

lori said...

You sound like you have been very busy.

mommaobrienx7 said...

I too love scary books! My sister works at Barnes & Noble though, so I get a pretty steep discount!

I too kinda think Pluto is a moon! So tell Brandon someone else agrees with him!

Linda said...

I actally think it is impossible to have too many books!! I saw a tee shirt once that reflected my thoughts perfectly "So many books; So little time".
I think it was really rather mean to kick Pluto out of the planet family. After all, he had been there for years and years :)

Susanne said...

I don't get the whole dumping of a planet either. Who makes the new rules anyway? :v)

Those are all great reads. Finish the series one first and when you do One Tuesday Morning make sure you have a kleenex box handy!

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