Monday, November 06, 2006

Holiday Traditions

Hop on over to Sandra's blog, Diary of a Stay at home mom, and check out Holiday Traditions. She is hosting a spot for us to share our traditions and read about other peoples traditions.. I hope you will all check this one out because the last time she hosted it many people had some great traditions that I myself am going to try.

My family moves around a lot because of being in the military so we don't really have any traditions we share with extended family. One thing we still do is open the kids gifts from their grandparents on Christmas eve. This way they can see what they got from their grandparents and we can also take pictures of them opening their gifts that come from far away. This leaves Christmas morning just for Santa.

Another think I do is serve crackers, cheeses,, and pepperoni, throughout the day so the kids can snack anytime they want before our big meal. I find they don't want to eat early because they are excited to open their presents so I just let them have cereal and then snack on the other stuff throughout the day. It's also nice to add some cut up veggies and dip. That way if anybody pops over, you can have a little something to share with them besides cookies.

We usually go to church the night before because I love the candlelight service. This always gets everyone excited and the kids usually perform in some kind of Christmas play. The church here usually has a living Christmas tree that is kind of fun to go see.

One other tradition we have is to go over to the Ft. Shafter Christmas Tree Lighting in early December. The kids love this because Santa comes on the fire truck and throws candy out at them on their way out. They also enjoy the Army band that plays Christmas carols. It's nice because it is warm here so they can play around in the big field behind us while the adults can enjoy the speeches.

I can't wait to see what others have written. Like I said hop on over because this will really get your Christmas spirit going. I hope you enjoy reading about all the other wonderful traditions out there. I know I will.


Susanne said...

Hi Christina: What a fun thing to have the snacky stuff out all day. My kids would be in heaven! We went to a Christmas eve service in Oahu when we were there for Christmas years ago. It was the best one we've ever been too. The pastor incorporated a lot of beautiful songs into his message and so literally sang half his message. His voice was beautiful! And then walking along the big hotels and looking at all the Christmas displays of pointsettas and gingerbread houses and decorations was incredible! I'll never forget it!

You know we did the shredded wrapping paper idea when my smallest was three. We just cut her paper into bigger chunks, like a puzzle and had hers pretty much a different color to help out! She loved it then too.

Linda said...

All of these posts on Christmas traditions are so heartwarming. I just love Christmas. I, too, love the candlelight service on Christmas eve. Isn't it just a magic moment when the lights go out and all the little lights from the candles glow in the darkness. Ahh...Silent Night, Holy Night.

gail said...

We love having a candlelight service as well. And snack food sounds like a great idea for the day. Thanks for sharing yours.

Kathleen Marie said...

I remember growing up in So Cal and the firetruck would be all lit up and Santa would be throwing candy! It was so fun. Candlelight service is always so special. Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

I have snacks out all day, too. We start the day with sweet rolls and later I set snacks out. The last thing anyone needs is someone in the kitchen trying to make a sandwich with all that Christmas cooking going on!

Your traditions are so nice. I love that the kids open the grandparents' gifts on Christmas and you take photos. I'll bet the grandparents love those photos and it's really a thoughtful thing for you to do.

All these "traditions" post are getting me in the MOOD! :-)

Pamela said...

Christina, your family traditions are so thoughtful! I love that you have the kids open their Gparent's gift with a picture to remember them by. You have a heart of gold. I can remember living on Base as a kids and having the firemen throw us candy...your post brought it all back. lol There is nothing prettier than the candlelight service Christmas Eve! :)

Looney Mom said...

I didn't do the Traditions post but one of my favorites is having an all day open house on one day the weekend before Christmas and just have a never-ending supply of food like posole, tamales, cookies, candy, etc. I love having people over.

Sandra said...

Loved this Chris, thanks so much for playing along :)

I know how hard it is to celebrate when you move around in the military, it's always just us, never have a big family gathering like i love :)

Have a great day,

Jen said...

How fun....and I love the snacky stuff you lay out all day on Christmas....I love to snack. Your taditions sound so great...I just love CHristmas

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