Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happiness is?

No I am not happy about the Cowboys loss to the Saints, but I am very
happy about the return of my all time favorite Amazing Race all stars,
Rob and Amber. Team Romber will appear in the next race, the all star
version. I know you all probably think I'm crazy, and that many people
didn't really like them, but I have loved them since they fell for each
other on Survivor. Who doesn't love a good love story. I just think
it's cool that they fell in love on Survivor, made it to the end of the
Amazing Race, and then got married, and well, so far, have lived
happily ever after. I guess we will find out if the magic is still
there. Yes I am one of those nutty people that even viewed their
wedding and what a wedding it was, just like a fairy tale. Well that's
my news for now. It takes so little to make me happy. Wait until hubby
reads this. He already thinks I'm nuts and he will probably be glad he
doesn't have to sit through another episode of Romber. Allthough in the
end he ended up liking them. Even hubby can't resist a good love story.
Of course he always says "It'll never last." So far it has.


Barb said...

I don't think you'reweird at all, Christina. I like Rob and Amber, too. Rob and Amber AND Trista and Ryan from The Bachelorette are two love stories I've really enjoyed following.

Thanks for the tip about The Amazing Race. If Rob and Amber are on it, I'll be watching it for sure.

booklogged said...

So how did you feel about the end of this season's amazing race? I was hoping the beauty girls were going to win because they really raced the best, but then they had that bad week and were ousted last week. I really didn't care who won last night.

I'm very excited that they are doing the all stars in the next season. It should be a great one to watch. I started in on Amazing Race a bit late, so just caught the last of Rob and Amber. My attachment at this point is to the black couple - the one with the girl that had to shave her head. I really like them. But it doesn't start until the end of Feb! Eeks that's a long wait.

Jen said...

I'm not big fans of Amber though.....I didnt get into the Amazing Race this time around....but LOVE Survivor and forgot to Tivo it last week....aghhhhhhh

Linda said...

I have to admit it took a little time for Rob to "grow on me", but I ended up liking him too. I love The Amazing Race, but was disappointed this time around. None of my favorites made it to the final three. I'll look forward to seeing Rob and Amber again too. And, yes, I did watch the wedding:)

Anonymous said...

Christina, we love the American Race! It is my favorite show! Rob and Amber were so cute together on Survivor Island and then on the American Race. I enjoyed watching the wedding and it seems to be working! lol

My hubby is like yours...and I just tell mine "snear near my dear". lol
Just playing! hehe!

Blueberry muffins and tea

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