Thursday, December 28, 2006

Moon Sand

Has anyone seen this product? It's like an indoor sandbox. Of course my neighbors want to know why I would buy a 3 year old and indoor sandbox? Can't answer that. I did buy him play dough also. Thank God I own a $1200. Rainbow vacuum. I have had to use it at least 7 times a day since Christmas. The kids seem to like this stuff. It molds real well. You can make sandcastles and things and it is definitely easy to clean up. It vacuums right up and doesn't seem to stick to the carpet. It does harden when left out but stays soft when kept in it's closed case. I will let you know if cleaning up after this stuff starts to drive me crazy in a few weeks.


Barb said...

Boy, Christina. You're one brave mama. I finally reached a point where play dough was banned from the premises! And I fully intend to make sure all my granchildren are well stocked with it (and a set of drums) just to get even with my girls. :-)

Air Force Family said...

I'm looking forward to when Olyvia reaches the age where play dough will be fun. My mom used to make us homemade play dough. I'll have to get that recipe from her.
Sand box in the house would be fun!

Cece said...

You know my family thinks I'm INSANE because I buy my 4y.o. Playdoh, but its not as scary as everyone thinks! Seriously, when it gets into the carpet all I do is take a clean/wet sponge, dampen the spot, it becomes moist & comes up in a snap. No biggie!

My daughter would LOVE that sandbox!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that looks GREAT! i might try it for the kids one day.

Looney Mom said...

Kids grow up way to fast as it is. They might as well enjoy it now. And someday they'll remember that their cool mama LET them make messes in the house. It's what memories are made of. I think you ROCK!

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