Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My little elf

This isn't the greatest picture but I didn't take it so bear with me. Brandon my 14 year old is dressed as an elf. He is a teen center volunteer for the fun fair and that is what he has to wear. We took the kids over to the fair on Dec. 2 and boy what a great day it was. I filled out a few raffle tickets and then went home toward the end. I was home about an hour and Brandon called me to tell me I won a survival bag. A backpack filled with survival stuff. Then when I got home I got a call from the guy in the booth next to the survival bag guy and he told me I won a $50.00 gift certificate. Once I got home from picking this up my son Brandon called me again to say my son Jr. won a cake in the cake walk, but this was not the biggest news. The biggest news was Jr. also won the XBox 360. Brandon gave Jr. his ticket and when the winner was called Brandon thought it was this other guy who was walking toward the stage, but then he saw Jr. jumping up and down and coming toward the stage. Miss. Angie was handing Jr. the XBox 360 when Brandon came up to say his ticket won. Miss Angie said sorry Brandon it's the person holding the ticket who gets the prize. Anyway she was just messing with them. Jr. and Brandon decided they both won and that's great for them. They share this with my other kids so that makes it a gift for all. My hubby was glad since the next day he was leaving for Iraq and this took some of the focus off that.

Oh and how can I forget. The Dallas Cowboys beat the NY Giants. WooHoo!


Jen said...

What a gret luck you had. And I loved the elf costume..too funny...I also noticed the lady in the photo in short sleeves and capri pants.......its 20 degrees here today not funny.

Barb said...

It irritates the stuff out of me that bloglines has not shown me a new post by you in ages and I come over here just to check that out and find all these. Grrrrr.

Good grief. You guys are lucky! I can't believe they won that x-Box. My son-in-law is foaming at the mouth for one. He's addicted of course.

RE the previous posts, it surprises me a you're a midnight. I don't know why but it does.

The photos are great. A real tree for $32 is pretty amazing.

To heck with bloglines. I'm going to just start coming over here whether bloglines says you posted or not!

Linda said...

Isn't it fun to win things? That happened to me last month - and I never win anything!!! I'm glad you all had such fun. I'm thinking of you and praying for you as the time approaches for your husband to leave. Blessings.

Pamela said...

Wow! How wonderful! So nice to see good things happen to good people! Your son makes a great Elf...cute picture!

The Xbox 360 is a great game! Sweet that the kids are sharing and it makes for a super fun early Christmas gift!

My prayers for a safe and uneventful deployment to Iraq will be with your wonderful hubby, and I will pray for peace and comfort of mind for you and your sweet family.
So glad you had fun before he left! Something to hold onto! :) It was so hard when our son was over there twice.

lori said...

What a very blessed day you had. I am go happy for you.

janice said...


I am sorry to hear that your hubby is leaving for Iraq. I am sure that will be hard for you all! how nice that your kids have a great distraction now - the Lord working through x-box?!?! stranger things have happened LOL

Lady Laurie said...

Your son looks so cute as an elf! My prayers go with your hubby ~ prayers and hugs for you Christina.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Aww he's adorable! You must be so proud of him!

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